5 Best Ways to Quit Smoking Forever: Hi Guys How are you? Today I am going to present this article for those who are in the list of the many smokers and want to quit smoking forever? So If you really want to quit smoking Then try following this advice where I have given 5 Best Ways to Quit Smoking Forever.

tips to to Quit Smoking Forever

Smoking even a few cigarettes in a day can hurt you and it is injurious to your health. If you try to smoke some cigarettes but do not stop completely, soon you’ll be smoking the same quantity again. So, Don’t smoke any amount or any kind of cigarette. Please Write down why you want to quit. Is it because you want to……!

  1. Feel in control of your life?
  2. For Having better health?
  3. To Set a good example for your children?
  4. To Protect your children’s and family from breathing other people’s smoke?


Quit Smoking Forever

Really needing to quit smoking is very great to your success. Smokers who survive a heart attack are the most likely to quit for good — they’re very motivated. Smoking “low-tar or nicotine” cigarettes don’t do much good, either. Because nicotine is so addictive. The only safe choice is to quit completely. However, there are some steps to serve with the derailing the urge to stop smoking and accepting on the road to a nicotine-free life.

5 Best Ways to Quit Smoking Forever

5 Best Ways to Quit Smoking Forever
Five Best Ways to Quit Smoking Forever
  1. Start Avoiding Triggers

First of all, as you start the method of to quit smoking, change your habits – those things that make you want a cigarette more than anything. Don’t smoke any amount or any kind of cigarette. If you don’t stop this process and used to have a cigarette with your cup of coffee, switch to tea. if a smoker used to sit on the back balcony then try the kitchen table instead. However, the Switching up the routine will overcome those trigger switches that make yourself reach for a smoke without thinking.


If the penetration of that cup of coffee or beer or a mixed drink makes you feel like having a smoke to go along with it, then you may try out AO ProVantage BLAST product to get the trigger taste out of your mouth after you’ve enjoyed. It can keep halitosis at bay and thus may minimize your desire to smoke – it’s a little harder way to want to bequeath an ashtray taste in a minty-fresh mouth.

2. StairStep

The Second step is Stairstep. Alternatively of cutting cigarettes out of your life now and apparently picking up them again in 3 days, set a series of goals and stick to them.


If you Smoke pack-a-day, then start trying to spend a week at half-a-pack-a-day. After that start smoking five cigarettes per day, then three, then one… and then take the dive. You can clearly understand that your body will be free of chemical addiction and you’ll have the resources free to manage or control the conclusions of thinking addition.

3. Try To Use The “Fake Cigarettes”

The next step is you should try the fake cigarettes. This types os fake cigarettes that include only food-quality flavors carried on water vapor to versions that actually abandon a vapor-based nicotine, you may be able to find in the market which is an artificial or electronic cigarette. This kind of fake cigarettes that gives a smoker the physical satisfaction of a smoke without the tar, soot, and chemicals of a traditional cigarette.

What is fake cigarette electronic cigrette

Remember and Keep in mind; if you choose a version that remits nicotine, you’re still at risk for the healing dangers of nicotine like addiction, hypertension and heart disease.

4. Use Medication To Get Help

Suppose, If all else loses, then try a pill or a patch. There is a variety of products on the store that intend to help you quit by satisfying the chemical desires for nicotine or by physically preventing the brain chemistry which executes you want them in the first place.


Many organizations offer written materials, programs, and advice to help smokers to quit smoking for their good health. Your doctor may also be a good source of help and support. Talk to your doctor to decide what over-the-counter or prescription medication best fits for your alcoholism and your needs.

5. Try, Try Again

It is very good news that there are millions of people alive today who have learned to face life without smoking a cigarette. Very few people successfully quit smoking for good at the first time. It may take little or long days to quit that forever from your life.


You may go a day, a week, a year, or five years before picking up the habit again. It depends totally on you how you be strong and avoid such waste product from your happy and good healthy life.

Best Ways to Quit Smoking Forever form you life

My Last Words:

Hope you like this article about 5 Best Ways to Quit Smoking Forever All content here, including advice from doctors and other health professionals, should be considered as opinion only. If you have any asking or Questions is persist then please feel free to comment your viewpoints. Thanks for reading.

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