Intoxicated: This word is very familiar to us. We listen to it, the boy is so addicted to the game. Or the girl’s addiction to the Hindi serial. There is also such alcohol addicts, drug addiction etc.

9 Symptoms Addiction of Facebook When you think you are addicted to Facebook: The latest popular and “digital” addition is “Facebook” addiction. As long as it is going, this addiction is becoming more widespread. Even the doctors have defined it as a “Facebook Addiction Disorder” disease.

9 Symptoms Addiction of Facebook When you think you are addicted to Facebook

9 Symptoms Addiction of Facebook When you think you are addicted to Facebook
9 Symptoms Addiction of Facebook When you think you are addicted to Facebook

So friends come to know, if you are addicted to this addiction or disease, how do you understand?


The first thing to wake up in the morning is to check in on Facebook. Do Facebook even without eating any foods. Check Facebook even if your last action is to go to sleep.


It seems meaningless to you without doing Facebook. You do not enjoy anything. If you cannot access Facebook for a few days, your physical symptoms appear. For example, do not get sleepy, feel unsteady, sweat, get angry, etc.


You like to do Facebook all the day because of this, you have lost a lot of important work, you do not participate in office meetings, and you do not go to any family event.


Even if you are forced to stay away from Facebook for a few days, you may not be using Facebook in your family or on the office PC, there are some characteristic abnormalities inside you. You are not interested in any work. The mood becomes irritable. Even if you do not get your own PC to use Facebook, you also need your friends or even strangers to try to enter Facebook on mobile or PC. The doctors identified it as “Facebook Withdrawal Syndrome”.


You have no notification on Facebook. There are no messages in the inbox. You are not chatting with other guys, after these, you look at the Facebook screen for hours after hours.


You are not really happy in real life. But on Facebook, you want to show everyone that you are very happy. You want to create a fantasy world.


Due to your whole day on Facebook, you do not even have to sleep at night. The body is getting worse and you are getting silly.


You are suffering from nostalgia or you want to suffer on Facebook. Want to see pictures of old boyfriend/lover or friends, they want to check their profiles. You were bored before thinking about how your life was and how your life now. And most importantly, you feel better to stay in this bored or nostalgia.


If you feel lonely despite having thousands of friends on Facebook. You think I have no good friends.

My Last Words:

So, friends, I have bought 9 cases in front of you and you must tell the number 10 cause. And if you tell me the proper cause, then I will keep your point at the top of the table. If you like it, then you must share it.

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