Hello Everyone, Do you know what is a SIM card cloning? and How to stay alert form being  SIM card cloning? If not then this article is for you. Let me explain in detail. Please read this article from the beginning to the end.

Alert from SIM Card Cloning Security

Alert from SIM Card Cloning Security
Alert from SIM Card Cloning Security

1)  What is SIM cloning?

A SIM which you use, if this SIM uses by someone else or if you have seen that two people use the same number or suddenly if you have seen that balance is less than from your cell phone connection for any reason then you are going on SIM card clone.

2)  When clones SIM card?

If you get miss calls from an unknown number and if you call back on this number then you can become a victim of SIM cooling. Miscreants cloning your number through by software when you call back this miss call number, then your number has been cloned. If your SIM is cloned then all data in your number leave and going to the cloned number and your privacy will be disappointed.

3)  You can face anytime the problems of SIM card cloning.

Generally, militants or miscreants use your number and make your life endanger. And if someone gives death threats extortion or the apparent connection to militant with the number, then the responsibility advocates upon you. So you will be caught by the law enforcers. In future, you can face more various types of problems.

Alert from SIM Card Cloning Security

4)  Notice:

  • Recently many SIM cards have cloned in India. The intelligence forces are on alert. Indian intelligence forces told that the cooling SIM cards committed many crimes.
  • In Bangladesh, there is no information in the hands of 6 mobile operators about yet to SIM cloning. However, the intelligence agency of Bangladesh informed that these unexpected events can happen anytime.

How to Stay Alert?

  • If any missed call came from the unknown number, then before call backing you can try to identify the number whose numbers or you can stop call backing.
  • Remember, the missed call will have come at the time of SIM cloning. At the time of direct ring, if you receive the call, you do not be a victim of SIM cloning. Be careful in the coming time of miss call.
  • If you have seen that the balance has been less from your cell phone unnecessarily, then you call the call center and informed them about it.
  • Now, turn off your cell phone and call back in your number from another number. And let see if the ring decline, then you are a victim of SIM cloning.

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