These days you everyone religiously uses their phones and a great chunk of what we do in our lives depends on them as well. We take our phones everywhere. The best way to track someone or spy on someone would definitely be via their phones. The one device we can’t live without.

One can find the need for such spying hidden Android tracker or iPhone tracker for any number of reasons. It might be to confront a disloyal employee selling business secrets, it might be to keep up to date of our children’s activities but most of the time it is used to catch cheating lovers.

We have found out some of the finest tracking apps for you, all these apps have the ability to handle your needs.

The 10 simplest apps with Android Tracker are

1. Neatspy

Neatspy is one of the world’s oldest and most well-known spy apps. The app has been around for some time now and was one of the original online spy apps. The service has gained popularity worldwide and with famous platforms such as Life Hacker.

10 Simple Ways for Android Tracker

Neatspy is fully legal and requires no real computer or phone knowledge to operate. It is easy to use and easy to set up. The app does not put a strain on a target phone’s battery and will work without any need for physical tampering with it. No root or jailbreak required to track a device with Neatspy and it’s best hidden Android tracker.

10 Simple Ways for Android Tracker

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Neatspy works remotely on most modern Android phones. You will only need a browser to log in to your account to receive all kinds of updates regarding the target device. Monitor its location flawlessly and accurately without the fear of getting caught as this app works in secret with stealth mode features.

List of some of the best features of Neatspy:

  1. Track an Android and iPhone location
  2. View messages of social media
  3. Text message monitor
  4. Call logs and frequency caller list
  5. Keylogger software
  6. And more

How to track an Android phone or device with the use of Neatspy

Step 1

The first thing to do will be to visit the Neatspy website. Once at the website, simply create an account by providing the required information. Pay the amount that you are asked to pay according to the services you take.

10 Simple Ways for Android Tracker

Step 2

  • For Android Devices

You will need to download a 2 MB file onto your target Android phone. Don’t worry this file is not going to be noticeable and will not be caught. Neatspy will provide you with this file. This is a critical step.

10 Simple Ways for Android Tracker

  • For Apple iOS Devices

Since the service works on Apple iPhones as well, we decided it would be appropriate to issue the process for them as well. Simply add your target phones’ Cloud account to your Neatspy account. This is way easier to do in the case of iPhones.

simplest apps with Android Tracker are

Step 3

The installation setup should be complete after completing the two steps above. It might take a few minutes for the service to begin showing its results.

Now you can monitor the location of any modern Android or even iPhones easily on your own. View all kinds of activity and use all the features on the Neatspy service by logging into your account on any browser via any device.

simplest apps with Android Tracker are

2. Spyic

Now we have Spyic as the number 2 product in our list. This is another fantastic top tier product that has made a big name for itself in recent times. Time will tell if Spyic is here to stay but for now, it is a good choice.

Tracking a phone’s location via its GPS or even its SIM is very doable with the use of Spy. The results will be displayed on your Spyic account form where you can also use the other variety of features as well. Features such as social media spy. The app will also work remotely.

Good features and solid results make Spyic one of the best spy apps in the world today. The service is available all over the world and you will find that this is a good way to go about your location monitoring.

3. Spyier

Spyier is another app that has become synonymous with the likes of Spyic and Minspy as being one of the world’s leading spy services. The app sits at number 3 in our list and is downloaded worldwide.

Spyier will work effectively to deliver excellent results in more than one category of monitoring. Location tracking of a person can be done via access of their Android phone. View the real-time location of a device if it is online.

Spyier is a solid choice for your location spying needs. It will do you and your needs justice with its results.

4. Minspy

Minspy is one of the most famous spy apps in the world today. It was only a direct easy choice for us to include this app in our list. This is one of the most highly praised services.

Minspy has hoards of features and works on most Android and iPhone devices. It is easy to use and setup. Tracking the location of target phone is very easy a task for this service.

Simple Ways for Android Tracker

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Minspy will probably continue to dominate the market with its wide range of features and its very effective results.

5. Spyine

Spyine is one of the world’s most recognized Spy services. Spyine, like some of the other top apps, is available worldwide and works remotely.

Simple Ways for Android Tracker

Spyine will allow users to monitor and track a cell phone location. The app will work on most devices. The app also has other good features to choose from as well.

Spyine is another big-time app in the industry. You will not be disappointed by the service it will give you.

6. ClickFree

ClickFree comes in at number six in our list. This is an app which has seen very high times as well as some low. The app is worth the attention, it has delivered results on a consistent basis.

This legal app works remotely without the need for the actual phone to be with you or close to you. It uses the internet to deliver results. ClickFree will allow for fantastic location tracker features and results.

Android Tracker

This is definitely one of the better apps in the spyware game. ClickFree is definitely an all round good performer.

7. Guestspy

Guestspy is one of the fairly lesser-known services to make our list. This is a solid service even though it is not well known.

The app has one big bonus point. The app allows downloaded and trial use completely free of cost. The app also has fantastic tracking and monitoring features including location access. It is easy to control and use. Overall, it is a very good addition to our list.

Guestspy gives away its trial version for free, so depending on if it works for you or not, you can use it or discard it. This is a very useful and very attractive offer.

8. Spyera

Spyera comes in at our list at the number 8th place. The app has seen a decent amount of success and has won awards for its services and results.

Spyera offers many different features. One such features is the ability to track the location of a phone. The app has offered decent results but has seen some technical difficulties as well.

Spyera offers users a refund if the service does not work for them or is not up to the standard desired. This is a decent enough app to make our list.

9. Secureteen

Secureteen makes the 9th spot in our list. This is primarily advertised as a child monitor service. An app centered to keep one’s children safe.

Use Secureteen to track the location of any of your children’s cell phones. Keep track of where they go when they are outside. Very useful features apart from location access make it a decent choice.

Secureteen will allow users to monitor their kids without them knowing. You can rest easier knowing where they are.

10. Spy to Mobile

Spy to mobile is a service which takes up the final spot of our list. The world of spy apps is filled with apps with unknown potential and Spy to mobile is one of such apps.

The app will allow you to spy on people’s location and find out their secrets. Confront a cheater, keep track of kids; all this is possible with Spy to Mobile.

The app promises to be a good one but results have shown that it is either a hit or miss. If it works for you that is great but it is known to be non-consistent.


In this article for android trackers, we have listed some of the world’s best and forerunner apps in the spyware market. There is some hardcore feature-loaded services like Minspy, Neatspy or Spyier and some lesser-known apps like Guestspy and Spyera.

Neatspy in our opinion is the best hidden Android tracker app in the market right now with the likes of Spyic and Minspy very close to it. We hope our list helps you in deciding what app you need to handle your issues in life.

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