Android keyloggers have helped people to record keystrokes remotely. Back in the day, you would get a keylogger as a single software to install on the targeted phone. Now, they are more advanced to include other essential features as well.

So, the Android keyloggers we are going to focus on have more specifications than what you anticipate. Since you don’t want to try everything you found on the internet, we have seven popular apps for that.

Top 7 Amazing Apps to Install Android Keylogger

Amazing Apps to Install Android Keylogger

They all have the keylogger as one of the main features. Keep reading to see what you will use to collect the targeted usernames and passwords.

Part 1: ClickFree Android App with Keylogger

We kick start the seven amazing apps with ClickFree Android application that has more than 30 features. That proves to you that it’s an incredible app that you want to have by your side.

If you don’t believe, then agree with the millions of downloads it has received in more than 190 countries. It has also received shout outs in major news outlets such as Android Authority and PC World.  

What attributes all that success is how ClickFree works. First, it’s never visible, thanks to the stealth mode feature that helps it to hide its icon. That implies your target will never know about its existence as long as you don’t tell them.

Amazing Apps to Install Android Keylogger

Second, once you acquire it, all the results will be in your online account. So, you need to register before the setup and results viewing. Now, you may be asking which Android versions are compatible with this application.

ClickFree works with Android 4.0 and above, and you don’t need the rooting tricks. That leaves you with one thing to do after signup. Install the tiny app on the targeted Android phone and activate the stealth mode. After that, you are free to explore the results in your account.

When you log in, the keylogger you need will be at the bottom. It will have all the recorded keystrokes stored in log files. They are also well arranged so that you can know what was typed under the messages and other applications.

So, if you want to retrieve a Snapchat password, for example, it will be under the relevant icon. It’s easy to view the updates when using this application. The dashboard works with all browsers so, you only need an internet connection.

That is why ClickFree is the best Android keylogger you will come across. Apart from keylogging, it will also record the calls, SMSs, location, etc. you can check the leading website for more information on that.

All the information you receive in your account is always under protection. ClickFree does not store the keylogger information or any other details in its cloud. It instead syncs with the targeted phone when you log in to your account.

So, even the support team cannot retrieve what you found out.

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How to Use the ClickFree Android Keylogger

Step 1: Sign up for a new account on the ClickFree website. Choose the Android icon and proceed to pay for a plan that suits both you and the target.

Step 2: An email will arrive after the purchase with all the confirmation and instructions. Use the link in the email to install ClickFree once on the targeted phone. Make sure you activate stealth mode before finishing up with the installation.

Step 3: Log in to your account using another device. Wait for the syncing to complete before viewing the dashboard.

To get the keylogger information, click on the associated link at the bottom. You will see all the log files arranged according to applications.

Part 2: Spyic Android App with Keylogger

Spyic lands in the second position as another reputable monitoring app with a keylogger too. It works on all Android devices with version 4.0 and above. You also don’t need any rooting here to proceed. After a one-time installation on the targeted device, that’s it.

Spyic Android App with Keylogger

The keylogger results will be in your online account, arranged according to applications. So, it will not be hard to locate the FB credentials or any other recorded keystrokes. Spyic allows you to access the updates anywhere since the control panel works with all browsers.

Part 3: Spyier Android App with Keylogger

If you use the Spyier keylogger on Android phones, it will never be visible. That’s the power of the stealth mode feature, which hides the icon after installation. Later, the results will be in your online account when you access it.

Spyier Android App with Keylogger

It’s compatible with Android 4.0 and above. There is no rooting required before the setup. Spyier’s cutting edge technologies allow the app to disregard the need for that. That is why millions of users are using it across the globe.

Part 4: Install Android Keylogger with Minspy

Minspy is known to record keystrokes from the latest Android devices. It’s also compatible with lower versions up to version 4.0, and there is no rooting here too. Once you install it once on the targeted phone and activate the stealth mode, that will be all.

Install Android Keylogger with Minspy

You will be accessing the keylogger information in your account. The web portal is fully compatible with all browsers. That means you can use any internet-enabled device to log in as long as it has an updated browser.

Part 5: Install Android Keylogger with Spyine

Spyine also has a keylogger, among other features. You can use it to record keystrokes on all Android devices with version 4.0 and above. It requires installing once on the targeted phone. Since it has a stealth mode, you can make sure it’s hidden before getting the results online.

Install Android Keylogger with Spyine

The keylogger will contain all the log files you need to view. They are also well arranged. So, it will not be hard to see what matters to you most. The dashboard here is also compatible with all browsers. So, you will need an internet connection only to proceed.

Part 6: Install Android Keylogger with Neatspy

Neatspy keylogger will also help you collect all the keystrokes you need from the targeted Android device. You can use it on smartphones and tablets with Android 4.0 and above and view the reports online.

There is the stealth mode presence for hiding purposes. You only need to activate the setting as you install the app once on the culprit’s phone. Later, the updates will be in your account for viewing.

Part 7: SpyMyFone

Lastly, we have SpyMyFone, which also has useful phone monitoring features. One of them is the keylogger that will record the keystrokes on Android phones. It requires a one-time installation before viewing the results remotely.


SpyMyFone also has the stealth feature. When viewing the results, you can use the control panel app which you can acquire after the setup. If you cannot use the app, then you can log in via the browser for the web-based view.


Those are the seven apps you can use to install the Android keylogger. We recommend the best of them all, ClickFree, if you want fast and secure transmission of results. If it does not suit you, check the one that concurs with your needs from the review.

It’s advisable to try a demo before the full indulge. On the other hand, we guarantee you the best results regardless of what you choose.

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