Hello Everyone. People say that Indians are the best when it comes to bargaining and today my friend it’s your lucky day because I’m going to tell you How to Bargain Price in India? Bargaining Success Tricks. So that you can bag the best deal right we are going to talk bargaining. So after years and years of shopping after working as a professional sales engineer after doing n numbers of businesses and after tracking some handful of Life deals I have come to a few conclusions which can help you begin the best deal that you’re looking for. So when it comes to bargaining and cracking the best deal there are typically two scenarios in a sales arena that you come across every time these two scenarios I am going to discuss in detail.

How to Bargain Price in Indian Shops? Bargaining Success Tricks

How to Bargain Price in Indian Shops Bargaining Success Tricks
How to Bargain Price in Indian Shops Bargaining Success Tricks

First Scenario: Bargain Price in Indian Shops – Bargaining Success Tricks

So the first scenario is when a particular product has a lot of competition so that product can be purchased from n numbers of sellers in local markets in retail stores anywhere even online. So that product is not a monopoly based product it is generally traded by many retailers.

So in such a scenario to crack the best deal all that you have to do is just show the urgency of purchase. You should make the person feel who is selling the product. This person who has come to a shop is immediately going to buy the product and the cash is just coming out of your pocket and landing on his table, that is all you have to convince him with by doing.

How to Bargain Price in Indian Shops Bargaining Success Tricks
How to Bargain Price in Indian Shops Bargaining Success Tricks

So what you’re doing is you’re grabbing his complete attention on yourself. Once you have his attention you should just stick with a consistent price that you have in your mind and try to drag him there. What happens, in this case, is, the seller knows that there is a lot of competition out there in the pocket and if you go out of a shop or out of his reach you will definitely buy it from some other person. That is something a salesperson can never accept.

Firstly, you have convinced him that you’re going to buy it immediately.

Secondly, you have set a particular price in your head.

Thirdly, the only thing remaining is negotiating and the negotiation part won’t be that difficult if the price that you have set is reasonable. If a product is selling out there in the market at an average price of RS. 7000, You can’t say that you want that product for 5000 rupees no that is not going to happen. That is the wrong thing to do. The person will immediately get offended and you won’t begin that product. As simple as that this may sound unethical. But in some instances you can even do this you can show a seller a particular quotation, that you have got and tell him to give you a better deal.

How to Bargain Price in Indian Shops Bargaining Success Tricks

Then what you have already received and maybe he will pitch in a better the worst thing that can happen in this scenario is you might lose the deal. But no worries there are plenty of sellers out there on the market.

You can go to the next seller apply the same formula and trust me out of ten times eight times you will crack the deal. Well, this was the first scenario now let’s talk about the second scenario.

Second ScenarioBargain Price in Indian Shops – Bargaining Success Tricks

The second scenario is where the product that you are going to purchase is such an authentic product that the person selling. It has created a monopoly he is the only person out there in the market who is selling that product you won’t get that product out there in the market with anyone else.

How to Bargain Price in Indian Shops Bargaining Success TricksHow to Bargain Price in Indian Shops Bargaining Success Tricks

Now a monopoly in the market can be created by a brand name quality service class anything whatever it is, that person is an ace in that and he knows that that’s the main reason you are at a store step because you need that product. But here’s the trick the person should never know that the person should not feel that you I need of buying the product that is the trick.

It is difficult I know it is difficult but if you succeed in convincing the person that you don’t need that product and out there on the market, you can buy anything. Other which is as good as that thing that makes him angry. Because he knows that this product is the best the first scenario was very simple but the second one is the tricky part the most important thing to break a deal in this scenario is confidence.

How to Bargain Price in Indian Shops? Bargaining Success Tricks

Confidence is the key, my friends, few people have told me they dressed poorly and go into a shop and you can bag a knife deal but that does not happen.

All I can tell you is lesson whatever things you have but don’t forget to wear your confidence that is the main thing the person selling the product should become. So, eager that he should need you as his buyer let’s simplify this by taking an example say a person is very good at baking cakes and his cakes are like the ace of the market there is no other person producing as good cakes as this person is doing it.

What you can do is when you’re visiting this person don’t let him feel that you’re your to purchase something just behave as if you’re just looking around and of course that person is n’t doing that so he has a pride maintaining his quality standard and all those things.

How to Bargain Price in Indian Shops Bargaining Success Tricks

So, this is like the clash of Pride and the person who drops his shield for losses and mind you it has to be the person in front of you the person should get that feeling that any point of the time you can walk out of the shop go to some other shop and buy that thing, so he should be keen convincing you that why this product is the best and trust me that will happen only with confidence but let me be very blunt. Here this technique will work only 50% of the time most of the time the person knows that he is the ace in that and he won’t drop his shield.

So you will be the loser most of the time but yeah it does work 50% of the times and that is and I say and once you have convinced the seller that you are the authentic customer and he has dropped down his shield now is your time to attack.

Bargain Price in Indian Shops - Bargaining Success Tricks

You should stick to a price and make the person comes down to that this is difficult very difficult because that person won’t drop his price he is the best right why will he drop his price the only thing that you can tell him or convince him is you will be his regular customer as simple as that.

So these are the two scenarios that we observe in sales and the techniques that I told you I have tried and tested them. Personally, myself so you can go out there and touch them for yourself and do let me know your experience in the comment section below if you have any other advice for me to make such more articles if you have a topic to suggest me do mention in the comment section.

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