Hi, Everyone. Today I am going to share 6 Super Battery Saver Apps for Android & iOS Phones. Is your battery draining too quickly? Are you searching on google, best battery saver apps for your android smartphones? then you are at the right place. In many cases, battery saving apps can do more harm than good to your device. However, there are a few best apps that can help you to save your battery, So let’s check out the best battery saver apps for Android.

6 Super Battery Saver Apps for Android & iOS Phones

Battery Saver Apps for Android & iOS Phones
Battery Saver Apps for Android & iOS Phones

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Why We Need Battery Saving Apps?

Battery saving is a land of snake oil and half solutions. It is really very hard to find an android app that truly saves you smartphones battery. Although most battery saver apps are manual, including turning the brightness on your screen low, or turning down the rate that apps sync data, and other tried and true methods. From a plenty of battery saver apps, So you have to pick the honest to goodness one. To enable you we to have shortlisted 5 best battery saver apps for Android smartphones.

Battery Saver Apps for Android & iOS Phones

Battery Saver Apps for Android & iOS Phones

1. GSam Battery Monitor:

Is your battery losing power too quickly? Do you simply want to know how much time you have left before you need to recharge? Then GSam Battery Monitor to the rescue! GSam Battery Monitor is one of the popular battery saver application to save your battery quickly and make your battery to stay long lasting. It is running on 4.5 from the people. The real benefits of using this app are you won’t do anything to save your smartphone battery life on its own. because it can give you with information about the apps that consume your battery.

GSam Battery Monitor

It can show include all sorts of great battery details on wake locks, wake time, and even CPU and sensor data. However, there is a root companion that can deliver additional information if you have root. It’s pretty good for what it is.

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2. Greenify:

Greenify is one of the most popular and powerful battery saving app. It recognizes apps that wake up your phone more frequently. This app is free for both Android and iOS and also rooted and non-rooted devices, this battery saver application has more than 50 million introduces. This app also runs well on modern features for Android Nougat and beyond with Aggressive Doze and Doze modes.


But I must say, you’ll get more features and power with root. All of the features are free. and the most important thing is that Greenify claims that it never spares your own data and is light on telephone assets like CPU or RAM.

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3. Battery Saver 2017:

AndroidAuthority recorded Battery Saver in their main 5-list a year ago. We tried this application and found that it appropriately needs a specified in our rundown of best android battery savers of 2017. It is a precise battery administration application which gives you a chance to control vitality expending applications effortlessly. At whatever point battery level drops to a base edge level, you can turn on the power saver mode. It likewise screens and gives you a chance to kill the battery expending gadgets like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, show, sound and significantly more.

The battery saver application offers different power sparing modes that incorporate rest mode, work mode, class mode and tweaked mode. Other key components incorporate 3-arrange charging and exact charging status.

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4. Amplify Battery Extender -Root:

Amplify puts you in control of how your device uses your battery by controlling. It looks good and it’s easy to use. it is a root application with some awesome features. Its main benefit is identifying and stopping wakelocks. A wakelock is when an app prevents your phone from going into sleep mode.

This app helps put a stop to all of that. You can control apps, alarms, and other services that could be consuming your battery life. You can get it for free.

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5. Battery Doctor:

Battery Doctor is one of the most popular free battery saving apps since a long time in play store. More than 330+ million users installed this app who have enjoyed longer-lasting battery power! Supporting 28 dialects, this power saver app is made an easy to understand interface. This app is created for both Android and iOS additionally to download for both the stages. just only one tap will stop the power-draining apps from running.

You can improve the battery control by hesitant the battery expending applications. Battery Doctor allows you how long your battery will last under a variety of situations (playing games, WiFi (active), etc.) by sort status of battery life and usage. In my last word about the battery, Doctor is the simplest way to keep your smartphone battery well by stopping the power-consuming application, by cooling down battery temperature.

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6. DU Battery Saver:

DU Battery Saver is Trusted by more than over then 600+ Million users. It is a free battery saver app available for both Android and iOS stages. The exceptional component of DU battery saver application is telephone cooler choice that closes down the non-dynamic CPU concentrated applications. You can save your battery Power Up To 60% & Extend Battery Life. Besides, there is a lot of features Battery Monitor & Battery Saver, Battery Saver Widget, Phone Cooler, Junk Cleaner and more. DU Battery can Protect your privacy and security.

Use a secure password or pattern lock screen to keep your Android device safe and private, On-screen “undertaking/executioner” gadget encourages you to streamline the battery use by dealing with the Wi-Fi Security Inspection, sound, and information with one-tap.

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My Last Words:

Hope you like this article about 6 Super Battery Saver Apps for Android & iOS Phones. How is it? If you like my article or If you have any issues while following above methods, then do not forget to tell me through your comment below in comment section. Any of your opinions will encourage me for correction and make this article into a better quality. Thanks for being, stay tuned for my next for my next article.

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