Are You Searching For The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Valorant? Check out these awesome tips to be a pro in a blink! Valorant is one of the most famous FPS or First Person Shooter games in the world. Currently, it has a crowd of 14 million players per month. Thousands of people come and try their hands at it every single day. But not everyone can ace the scenario. Winning can be very hard if you do not know the hacks properly. But well, being a pro can also be just steps away. Read the complete the article from the beginning to the end.

Beginners sometimes find the game to be really hard to cope with. But you know what? Proper guidance and tips can make you a pro in just a couple of days. So, here is the Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Valorant. Hold tight!

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Valorant

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Practice shooting

Since Valorant is an FPS or a first-person shooter game, the key to success is to be a pro at shooting. However, shooting is easier said than done. And the appropriate aim is the crucial factor when it comes to shooting. That can be achieved through muscle memory. And you know what builds muscle memory in a game? Well, the answer is practice. It might sound old school. But track score while practicing first-hand shooting. This way, you will be able to track your success.

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Avoid movement while shooting

Your first and foremost move towards winning will be shooting that we have already discussed in the first hack section. But what you need to understand here is that you are not a veteran player. Hence every ins and outs of a weapon and shooting procedure might give you a hard time. So do not try to run and gun at the very beginning. Be slow and steady. Practice your aiming capacity while standing still and ensure you are a pro at aiming. Once done, go for a run and gun!

Don’t run always

This tip is a minor yet useful one that most of the players do not focus on. In Valorant, it makes a noise if you are running (which is the default speed). Your footsteps are audible. Hence, there are fair chances of your enemies being alert of your presence. Therefore, run where it is absolutely necessary. And try walking the rest of the time. This way, you will be able to dodge the attention of the enemies, which is a master move for your strategy.

Gun recoil

Another pro tip of playing any FPS game is to be aware of the weapon and the recoil. If you are not familiar with your gun, you will never ever succeed in slaying the game. So spend a considerable amount of time understanding the weapon’s working method.

Let me inform you a little bit here. For the first nine bullets in the gun, it will move downwards. That means to be steady; you need to dull the mouse in the opposite direction. But from the tenth bullet, it will be moving from right to left or vice versa. So be prepared for the recoil.


Name any battle royale or shooter game that is a multiplayer one. One essential hack to slay your enemies is to be engaged in communication with your team members. It is not a public speaking forum. Hence, if you are shy or uncomfortable with talking, you can just use the small informational word to convey your position and plan. Otherwise, the lack of communication might lead to destruction. Hence, always keep an eye on it!

Mouse sensitivity

This tip will be the essential tip while you are operating your system. Your mouse should be in a comfortable position in your hand. This way, you will be able to move the pointer or gun in one snap of the mouse. So, adjust the sensitivity to that level. And keep it to a comfortable distance so that no obstacle can restrict the movement.

Final words

Playing Valorant is something that you can easily indulge in. But acing the game like a pro is what marks your presence and your territory. But to be honest, in this game, being a pro is not at all an overnight thing. Days, weeks, and months of practice can pay off. Hence, do not be discouraged if you can not succeed at first. Try focusing on the hacks. Apply these tips in your gameplay and watch yourself become a pro in just a blink!

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