Are You Searching For Best Residential Proxy for Digital Marketing? Then Here is the Complete Guide on How to Choose the Best Residential Proxy for Digital Marketing Residential proxies are like a magic wand for digital marketers, allowing us to maximize efficiencies and productivity. But with so many options available, how do we decide which proxy service is best?

Two Main Types of Residential Proxies

Best Residential Proxy for Digital MarketingResidential proxies can be split into two main categories: rotating and static.

Rotating residential proxies are like peer-to-peer proxies, providing an IP address that is borrowed from a customer of an internet service provider.

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Static residential proxies provide an IP address from an ISP but do not involve end-users.

The best type for you depends on how you plan to employ the addresses.

Static residential proxies have the benefits of being fast and stable, plus you have them dedicated for your use exclusively. However, they are harder to come by, tend to cover fewer locations, and have lower subnet diversity.

Rotating residential proxies, on the other hand, provide access to an entire pool of IP addresses. This allows you to rotate IP addresses. Or, in other words, obtain a random IP address to a device at set or random time intervals.

How to Choose the Best Option for You

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of alternatives for residential proxy services. We compared the three types that most businesses will consider: the most affordable one, the least affordable one, and the best overall.

The full list of the best residential proxies is available on Proxyway website.

Most Affordable Choice

PacketStream offers accessible pricing for residential proxies, but with mixed results. The adage about getting what you pay for seems to apply here, with the number one complaint being questionable dependability.

PacketStream offers some of the most affordable residential proxies thanks to its unusual business model. It buys bandwidth directly from consumers and then resells it to customers.

This model allows PacketStream to offer IPs for as little as $1/GB, and in a pay-as-you-go manner. However, when tested PacketStream users have reported getting duplicated proxies, especially when selecting exotic locations.

Still, PacketStream could be a decent option for beginners who don’t count on reliable service. It’s important to note that the minimum starting deposit is $50, even though the price per GB is extremely low.

PacketStream also provides a unique opportunity for Internet users to share their connection and bandwidth in exchange for cash, or to serve on the supplier side as well as the buyer side.

Their proxy network is built on a pair-to-pair model and their proxies are rotating proxies, which means you can use them for web scraping without experiencing any form of blocks aside from occasional Captchas.

Additional notable features of PacketStream:

  • Global locations
  • IP Pool Size: Over 500,000
  • HTTP and HTTPS protocols
  • Global locations with country targeting
  • Rotation with every request, sticky sessions until available Limitless concurrent requests
  • User:pass authentication
  • Email support
  • Concurrency permitted: unlimited
  • Bandwidth permitted: starts at 1GB
  • Cost: Starts at $1/GB

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Priciest Option

Oxylabs is considered to be one of the best premium residential proxy providers, meaning it costs more than most other services. But is the higher price worth it? It depends.

Oxylabs is targeted specifically to medium to large-scale marketers. The team that built the tool developed it specifically for web scraping and crawling. But adopters have found it beneficial in most common proxy applications.

Oxylabs boasts one of the most expansive proxy networks, claiming a residential pool of over 30 million IP addresses. Their proxies support IP rotation based on the time period, which changes every five minutes, and after every request.

Oxylabs also offers class-leading performance, including newly introduced next-gen proxies that should make IPs even more robust.

And perhaps most useful, Oxylabs offers a dedicated account manager for its clients. That means a single point of contact for questions and support, and an expert to help you adopt new functionalities and maximize your business outcomes.

Additional notable features:

  • 70M peer-to-peer and static residential IP addresses
  • Best performance
  • HTTP & HTTPS protocols
  • Available in every country, thousands of cities, ASN targeting
  • Limitless concurrent requests
  • Rotation every request, sticky sessions up to 30 minutes Whitelisted IP & user:pass authentication
  • Sub-users
  • Public API
  • Good user documentation
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Starts from $300/20 GB ($15/GB)

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Best Bang for Your Buck

Time and time again, Smartproxy has won the accolade of the best value in the residential proxy market.

The platform has been named the top residential proxy tool by technical experts at Tech Radar and Proxyway and Best Proxy Reviews.

Smartproxy offers a pool of over 40 million rotating residential IPs from desktop and mobile devices. Plus, its rapid rotation policy ensures its proxies don’t get banned.

Smartproxy limits plan by bandwidth but allow a limitless number of concurrent threads.

Smartproxy also offers extensions for both Chrome and Firefox browsers. The extensions can help narrow down the location and type of proxy and even choose the authentication mechanism.

Additional notable features:

  • 40 million peer-to-peer residential IPs Great proxy performance
  • HTTP and HTTPS protocols
  • 195 locations
  • Rotation upon every request, sticky sessions up to 10 minutes Limitless concurrent requests
  • Whitelisted IP & user:pass authentication
  • Sub-users
  • API & browser extension
  • Extensive user documentation
  • Award-winning support
  • Starts from $75/5 GB ($15/GB)

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No matter which provider you choose, residential proxy servers will help boost your digital performance in no time.

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