Block YouTube Ads On Android Phone: YouTube is one of the best platform for video sharing, watching and earning money. In the modern age, almost every single person uses this service, for the various reason some watch for entertainment, some learning and some use for making money online. YouTube is fully loaded with millions of interesting and helpful videos, you can find everything on Youtube.

How To Block YouTube Ads On Android Phone Automatically

How To Block YouTube Ads On Android Phone Automatically
How To Block YouTube Ads On Android Phone Automatically

But, there is something which bothers us while watching or learning tutorials on Youtube by unwanted ads. Actually, those ads are the part of Google AdSense, where people uses in their videos for making money. Only ways to get rid of such irritating ads are to either subscribe to Google Play Music and YouTube Premium.

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Well, there are many ways to block youtube ads. So, Today in this article I am going to show you how you can block Youtube Ads On Android Automatically.

Block Youtube Ads On Android

How To Block YouTube Ads On Android Phone Automatically

Method 1. Block Youtube Ads Using Cygery Adskip:

Different Ways to block Youtube ads on Android Using Cygery Adskip

Step 1. There is no way to directly download and install Cygery Adskip app from Google Play store or another platform. Because The developer of the app has requested that we not re-share the free version of this app. As a result, you will have to download XDA lab apps first, With the help of XDA lap apps. From there, you can easily download any third-party application in your Android.

Step 2. So, after you complete installing the XDA lab apps, now it’s time to search and install Cygery Adskip, just simply search the Cygery Adskip for Youtube in the XDA lab Apps tab.

Step 3. Now, when you find the app press, just press the download button which you can find in the middle of the screen.

Step 4. After successful downloading of the app, start installing it by tapping the install button, and when that’s finished, tap “Open.”

How To Block YouTube Ads On Android Phone Automatically

Step 5. So, when you first open the app it will ask you to enable the accessibility service on your device, on this message. you only need to tap “OK” and select Cygery ADskip service.

How To Block YouTube Ads On Android Phone Automatically
How To Block YouTube Ads On Android Phone Automatically

Step 6. Now that you have completed the setup just make sure that leave the “Enabled” option ticked on the Cygery Adskip service. You can also enable this cool feature which is “Mute audio during ad“. This feature work if you leave this “Mute audio during ad” option enabled, you won’t even hear the ad during the brief time it’s visible.

How To Block YouTube Ads On Android Phone Automatically

That’s it. You have successfully setup the app and you can watch all your favorite Youtube videos with minimal intrusion from ads.

Method 2. Block YouTube Ads Using Adblock Browser:

You can also block youtube ads by using Adblock Browser, which is available on Google Play Store. It is free and you will no need to spend the single bit of money. Adblock browser is another best choice to block undesired ads from the YouTube videos while watching them on YouTube.

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Step 1. The very first step is to clear the Youtube defaults. To do this go to phone setting >> Apps >> Select YouTube from installed app section >> Click on Clear defaults option, which will remove the default settings for your Youtube app.

Step 2. Next step is to download and install Adblock Bowser from Goole Play Store. to do this simply type Adblocker Browser and tap install.

Block Youtube Ads On Android

Step 3. After you successfully download and install the app, just open it. That’s it Now, you can visit Youtube and start browsing your favorite videos, without unwanted ads.

My Last Words:

Hope this article will help you to Block YouTube Ads On Android Phone Automatically. If you still have any asking don’ forget to tell me through your comments below in the comment section.

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