Blue Whale [F57] Suicide Challenge Game: The Blue whale is one kind of the name of the fish. Though it is one kind of fish, it is a huge scared name. Recently, it is a game which is viral in the dark web. It is an online based suicide game. Death will definitely knock at your door if you play this game. But, how this game can take your life? This game is gradually becoming mysterious. So many people don’t know what is the main reason behind it? On the contrary, so many people think that there are no relations with the real life.

Blue Whale [F57] Suicide Challenge Game – How to Safe?

Blue Whale [F57] Suicide Challange Game
Blue Whale [F57] Suicide Challange Game

Before starting this topic, I want to say about the Hollywood movie “Saw”. There are so many similarities in between the game and the movie. The [people who see the movie the “Saw”, they don’t know that the main character “Dr Larry” is trapped by a serial killer. The serial killer kidnapped his wife and daughter and stole his personal information and blackmailed them and he was forced into captivity in the abandoned bathroom. He was told that if he wants to get rid of his wife and captivity, he must complete all the steps of the game correctly.

Source Of Blue Whale [F57] Suicide Challenge Game:-

Blue whale game also forced the victims to play them every step of the game. It is a very challenging game. The game was first made in 2013. The Russian hacker team “F57” was made this game and in 2015 this game was viral through the social media “VKontakte” and later so many people have downloaded this game.

Victims Of Blue Whale [F57] Suicide Challenge Game

Victims Of Blue Whale [F57] Suicide Challange Game

Who are Julia and Veronica?

According to the source of the Wikipedia, almost 130 teenagers have been dead in Russia and almost 50 people are dead by playing this game in outside Russia. By the bad effects of the Blue WHALE, a 15 years Old Russian girl had died by keeping her had on the Rail line and 15 years Old Siberian girl jumped from the 5th floor. “Julia Constantine Ova” and “Veronica Volk Ova” are the two children who are first victims of this game. At the end of the game, they jumped from 14-storey apartment to suicide. In the first case, the cause of their death was not known. Before his death, Julia gave a picture of “Blue Whale” on his Instagram page and It was written “the end“. And her sister Veronica wrote, “sense is lost“.

Blue Whale Game In India

While playing this game in Mumbai, a young man commits suicide and it becomes very sensational in Indian media. All of them are advised to stay away from this game through various TV channels and social media of the country.

Are You Searching For Blue Whale Suicide Game On the Internet?

*Blue whale

Dear reader, most of the people are searching for download links in the Google, Yahoo or other web portals. But, you don’t find out the links, isn’t it?

Truly speaking, there is no existence of this game. You may say that from where the people are getting this game.


What Is Dark Web?

Firstly, I have said that it is the game of the dark web. We use the internet portal i.e. “World Wide Web” and Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are also the part of the World Wide Web. There is another world of the Internet is “Dark Web”. This is totally separate from the “World Wide Web” and the complete opposite world.

Dark Web” is completely a dark world and it is popular for illegal, harmful works. These websites are basically made for the bad works. 80%-85% bad works are done in this dark world. Blue Whale is made of the dark web.


Generally, you cannot enter in this web through Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Opera Mini etc. To enter into the dark web, a special web is needed.

However, I don’t tell about the dark web.

The blue whale was made in the Dark web. Then, it is spread on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and as a result so many downloads, it and they play the game by provoking so many surprises and funs.

Remember: This Blue Whale game is made in such a system in where you never uninstall it from the device. If this game is installed on your device, then the IP location of your device will be hacked. And then it will force you to play the game.

So, do you understand how the dangerous it is!

I am discussing the outside part of the game. That is how does affect this game on the society. Hopefully, you understand it. Actually, it is the killer game. Let’s watch the inner part of the game. Hopefully, you have got the idea about this game.

What are the Blue Whale 50 Challenges?

Let’s have a look at the blue whale 50 inner challenges. But, First of all, after completing 10 challenges, the game will be prepared for the rest of the 10 challenges.

Tattoo Challenge:

As the teenage imagination is strong, so many levels are conceived in these levels. This is done for just stealing your personal information. After the 15th level of this episode, the game was taught to draw a picture of a blue whale and in the next time, the game is directed to draw the blue whale, but the caution is that the injury is not dangerous. In this way, 10 levels are finished.

How to become safe children from Blue Whale f57 Suicide Game?

Kids With Smartphone:

Today, we watch that the children are wandering with the latest iPhone. Not only blue whale but also the smartphone also effects bad impact on the children. So, I am telling you that “please keep aside smartphone from the children”. Please take care and don’t pressure on them.

So many people think that the maker of this game has been arrested so don’t worry. But, this conception is fully wrong.

Though the maker is arrested the team members kept the game active from different countries.


As the people know about its gruesomeness. So be careful. This game is inserted into the various apps, so please stay away from these apps. So, please think before using any apps that is this app essential for you or not.

It is said that write the #IaminWhale in the social media and if you watch this kind of words, then you tell them the bad effects of the game and prohibit them to play the game. Then, you tell their families and Police station and keep safe him/her.

My Last Words:-

Blue Whale [F57] Suicide Challange Game: Hope you like this article and this is very helpful to you. If you have any quarries or have any question or suggestion then you may leave your comment below. Thanks for reading.

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