Chrome Extensions to Improve SEO: Hello Everyone. Search Engine Optimization requires a lot more than just keyword stuffing. The modern-age SEO has become complex and maintaining the rankings has become a difficult task. What if somebody told you that there are simpler ways to perform the daily SEO tasks?

Yes! There are ways to lessen your burden of SEO. One is using the Chrome Extensions that perform the daily SEO tasks such as link building, content organization etc. Here are the 12 effective Chrome Extensions that will help your SEO efforts:

Top 12 Effective Google Chrome Extensions to Improve SEO

Top 12 Effective Google Chrome Extensions to Improve SEO1.  User Agent Switcher:

User-Agent Switcher, it is used to tracking the usability of your website on different devices. No matter how hard you tested your websites, you cannot test on all the devices available across the globe. You can replicate any device, Operating System and even a web browser with just a click of your mouse. The list of various devices appears in a dropdown list in the toolbar. Select the desired device and then you are switched to that mode.

2.  Pocket:

Save to Pocket this is again a handy tool to mark important articles as well as videos for future references. With the Pocket extension, you can tag the saved articles to make quicker searches. The good part is that it even has a mobile app so that you can read or watch the saved stuff on your mobile devices. It gives you a better and organized reading experience. The fun part is you can use Text-To-Speech feature on iOS and Android mobile apps to listen to your articles. So sit back and let the article speak for itself.

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3.  Page Speed Insights:

Page Speed Insights website loading time is an integral factor in SEO. Any delay can annoy the visitor on your website. Therefore, it is very important to monitor and manage the response time of your website. Studies show that 40% of the mobile users just leave your page if it takes more than 3 seconds to upload. You know how busy the world is. Page Speed Insights is Google’s official tool that lets you know which all stuff is overloading your website and is responsible for the delayed response. You can then fix the figured out problems by either using some plugins or you can use PageSpeed modules.

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4.  Redirect Path:

Redirect path you don’t need to be too technical but you must be aware of the basic technical terms and their functionalities. One such important term is redirecting that helps you move to the new website address so that you do not miss out on anything even when the address changes. Redirect Path flags URLs with HTTP status codes. If there are any redirection errors then the extension notifies you in its small symbol in a toolbar.

5.  Evernote Web Clipper:

Evernote Web Clipper this powerful and handy Chrome extension can be used for content organization purpose. You can save the important articles to read later with the Evernote Web Clipper. There are three ways to save the article. You can save the simplified version of the article or clip a certain portion of the article. It also lets you add the webpages to your Evernote account where you can organize the same and tag each one for better searching for future references. Moreover, it has an image editing and annotating software called Skitch.

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6.  Mozbar:

MozBar marketing is very important to get noticed and Mozbar is very important marketing Chrome extension. It gives access to all important metrics regarding a webpage like Page Authority, Keyword Highlights etc. When you visit a website, you can use Mozbar to do the in-depth analysis of the page.

7.  Page Analytics by Google:

Page Analytics By Google you can know the number of real-time visitors on a web page using Page Analytics. Get all the figures related to Page Views, Average time on page and Bounce rate. Analyze all the traffic-related factors with this simple yet powerful Chrome extension.

8.  SEO Quake:

SEOquake is used to gather important metrics in SERPs. The extension shows information such as Page Rank, Google index, organic traffic and so much more. You can easily export the SERP data from SEO Quake in a CSV file.

9.  SEO Site Tools:

Seo Site Tools is a magic tool that not only analyses your own website but also provides you with a whole lot of information about your competitors. Along with the icon of the extension, the rank of the website would display when you open any website. It can give you the summary of all page elements at once so it is easy to manage and modify. This Chrome Extension is surely a must-have as its features need not be just listed but used.

10.  Majestic Backlink Analyzer:

Majestic Backlink Analyzer as the name suggests, it is a link intelligence tool. It lets you see the important backlinks of your webpage in a quicker way. It provides three important metrics: Summary, Backlinks, and Anchor text.

11.  Link Miner:

LinkMiner broken Link Building is a great way to improve your search engine rankings. But finding broken links and contacting hundreds of webmasters can be one heck of a job. However, Link Miner is here to the rescue. It is an incredible tool to run page analysis while executing Broken Link Building. The tool crawls a particular website and looks for the broken links present in it. It also offers additional information including social media shares, total links, number of referring domain and so much more.

12.  Google Analytics URL Builder:

Google Analytics URL Builder Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool used to track website traffic. Google Analytics URL Builder is a great extension which tags the websites you want to monitor your Google Analytics campaigns. The tool also enables you to add custom form fields using “edit list” link.

My Last Words:

Hopefully, you like this post about 12 Effective Chrome Extensions to Improve SEO. Google Chrome has been a popular browser since it has plenty of add-ons to improve the browsing experience. I am sure; these extensions will lessen the burden of all SEO tasks you perform daily. Also, they will improve the rankings of your websites. Get started today for better results!

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