Whatsapp on BlackBerry 10 in 2018: Hello Everyone. Today I have an amazing message for all you blackberry 10 users that still want to use WhatsApp up 2018 you won’t have any problems when 2018. So, in this post, you are going to learn HOW TO CONTINUE USING WHATSAPP ON BLACKBERRY 10 even after December 31st, 2017. So follow this post from the beginning to the end and continue using WhatsApp on your BlackBerry 10 device.
So this trick will allow you to use the Android version of Whatsapp on your BlackBerry 10.

 How to Continue Using Whatsapp on BlackBerry 10 in 2018

Continue Using Whatsapp on BlackBerry 10 in 2018

How to Keep Using WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10 in 2018

Step 1. First of all Download & Install Whatsapp APK on your Blackberry 10 Device.
Step 2. Next, Open the app and Enter your Phone Number and Verify it.
Now you can use Android Version of Whatsapp on Your Blackberry Smartphone.
But there are some issues that this version is not optimized for BlackBerry 10. So as you can see you’ll be able to send and receive messages but if you try to send a video or a picture it will be an error so to fix that Error.
Step 3. Make Sure To Download and Install WAA fixer from Blackberry word to solve file sending problem to your friends.
Continue Using Whatsapp on BlackBerry 10 in 2018
Step 4. Now let the WhatsApp open and open up the WAA Fixer which you have installed. So, Once you Open the application [WAA Fixer] it will show you some interface just swipe all those towards left or right, But don’t click any button until you see “Fix Android Whatsapp”.
Step 5. Tap on “Fix Android Whatsapp” and close that application That’s it your sending issue will be fixed now.
Continue Using Whatsapp on BlackBerry 10 in 2018
Final Step 6. Go to Whatsapp and now you start using properly.
For Updates: Download Latest Versions of Android Whatsapp
Continue Using Whatsapp on BlackBerry 10 in 2018

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My Last Words:

Hope you like this post about HOW TO CONTINUE USING WHATSAPP ON BLACKBERRY 10 IN 2018. If you still have any quarries feel free to drop your comments below. Please share this post with your friends.
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