Difference Between Android and Linux Kernel: Android is made of Linux, but why does the PC Linux Software not run in Android? And why does the Android not run in Linux? If you are an expert, then you must know that the Android Operating system depends on the Linux system. But, the Linux System is completely different from the Android system, and you never operate the Linux system in the android, but why? So today in this article I am going to show you Difference Between Android and Linux Kernel – Which OS is Better? Read This article from the beginning to the end.

Difference Between Android and Linux Kernel – Which OS is Better?

Difference Between Android and Linux Kernel - Which OS is Better
Difference Between Android and Linux Kernel – Which OS is Better

What is Linux Kernel:

First of all, we have a good knowledge about Linux. Most of the people know that Linux is an Operating System, they say that Linux is installed on PC. But, it means that install any district of the Linux.

Linux is not an operating system, it is a Kernel and the cornel is an essential for running in the Operating system. Kernel basically helps to build up a bridge in between the software and hardware. So, the core of Linux depended operating system is Linux.

The Linux OS which runs on the computer, in there is not only Linux Kernel, rather than there is also some software which is added to the Linux. There is an atmosphere to run the software and there is also an ex-graphical server. Other Linux installations, including Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, etc., have the separate software installed without the Linux kernel.

For example: For installing the GNOME desktop environment, you can also see the desktop interface in the Linux district. Suppose, you have installed Linux OS which is useful for the server, and there is no desktop interface because it is done by using server command, now if you want to get it in desktop, then you must be installed desktop interface.

In this way, Android is only made on the basis of Linux Kernel, but there is no software for Linux to run on the computer. Google uses Linux as a system Kernel in the operating system i.e. you can custom as your wish.

Google customizes the Android. As they use Linux Kernel, so there is no need to make cornel. Moreover, not only Google does use Android, so many companies use Android in their own phone and in there they want to add some features. Linux is an open source, so they customize according to their own wishes.

Difference Between Android and Linux Kernel

Android vs. Linux

Although Android is now built on Linux, it’s not like separate Linux distributions. Already discussed, there are many other types of software installed in desktop districts, but they do not have Android.

When Android boots, it boots in Linux. But after the boot, Android has its own virtual machine run, which can run software created by Java. That means you can say in a similar way, an android is a virtual machine run on Linux.


Let’s take an example to clean up the issue, think, your computer is running on Windows 10 operating system. That is, your system must be able to run any software on Windows. But now remember that you installed a virtual machine software on your computer and installed Ubuntu in the virtual machine.

Now consider the whole thing that your virtual machine is running on the Windows Operating System, but you never use the UBUNTU which is installed inside the machine. And moreover, you will never use the Linux software in your Windows. Virtual machine totally creates a separate environment and behaves like an independent computer. Just like this, Android does not support Linux software even though it is built on Linux.

Linux districts do not support Android software. Because Linux districts are made for running the Linux software and there is no virtual machine installing in Linux districts which can the JAVA applications. There is common in between the Linux and Android districts which supports terminal. That is, you never provide various Linux commands. But, there is not necessary to root your Android device for running the Linux commands.

If the virtual machine is installed in the Linux districts, but it is very possible to install the Android software in the Linux software and it is also possible to run this software.

For example, you will watch the Windows computer a program named Bull stokes which helps to run the Android application on your PC.

Google Chrome is made on the basis of Linux, but there is no ex-server, as a result, it is not possible to run the Linux software. Like Android, Chrome OS and other Linux distributions are very close, making some improvements will make it possible to run Linux software. On the other hand, UBUNTU mobile OS almost like LINUX, in here you will get the features of the desktop LINUX.

NOTE:  But, if you want then you can easily run the Android software on your computer very easily, similarly, it is possible to run any PC software in Android by installing the Virtual machine.


My Last Words:

Hopefully, You like this article about Difference Between Android and Linux Kernel – Which OS is Better? and have got all of your solutions, even after working on Android Linux why it’s different from Linux. Linux’s desktop districts and Android: two things have been created in two ways because the usage of these is different. From each other. If You have any Queries or Questions is persist then please feel free to comment your viewpoints.

Thanks to all of you for reading my article.

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