Earn Money By Google Payment Tez App: Google has recently launched on 18th Sep’2017 Android payments app, named Tez by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Tezz that means “fast or Speed” in Hindi and English, which will allow you to securely pay for goods and services both online and offline and also make person-to-person transactions. Money Made Simple – Tez is another UPI (Unified Interface Payment) App like BHIM. It is the Google’s new digital payment app for India. The app is now available on both iOS and Android.

How to Earn Money By Google Payment Tez App

How to Earn Money By Google Payment Tez App
How to Earn Money By Google Payment Tez App

Supported Banks:

Tez uses UPI (Unified Payments Interface) and works with all major banks, including our partners: Axis, HDFC Bank, ICICI and State Bank of India.

What are The Digital Features of Google Payment Tez app?

  1. Transfer money directly to your bank account. Simply link your account to Tez over UPI and instantly transfer money from bank to bank.
  2. With Google’s multi-layered security and 24/7 protection by Tez Shield, the tech giant boasts of higher security.
  3. Using Tez’s Cash Mode, you can instantly send or receive payments to anyone nearby without sharing personal details like your phone or bank account number.
  4. Tez offers language support for English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.
  5. Your chaiwala, milkman and your salon can now accept payments on the spot with Cash Mode.

Tezz App Upcoming Features:

  1. Pay through debit and credit cards.
  2. Pay and set reminders for recurring bills such as DTH.

Is Tez Secure For Payment or Transaction?

Secure Payment With Tez Shield:

The Tez Shield works 24/7 to help detect fraud, prevent hacking, and verify your identity. Each transaction is secured with your UPI PIN and the app is secured with a Google PIN or your screen lock method such as the fingerprint. If you ever need help, The help centre of Google Payment Tez app will always anytime help you, phone, and chat support are available all day, every day.

Earn Money By Google Tez App

Account Security:

With Tez, you can pay directly from your bank account, which means your money is safe with your bank and you’ll continue to earn interest. There’s no need to open a separate account or worry about reloading wallets.

How To Regester Or SignUp On Google Payment Tez App?

Download and Install The Google Payment Tez App. Downlaod Link Given Below.Google Tez app is only of 7 MB in size.

Download Tez

Step 1. You can Regester with google payment tez app simply following some steps. It asks for your mobile number, which associated with your bank accounts to set up the app. Choose your bank from the list of banks to select from.

Step 2. After you have put your phone number, the app sends an SMS from that number to the bank to get UPI access. It creates a fresh UPI ID for you and links it to the Google account.

NOTE: On Android, Your ID will be linked to one Google Account only. On iPhone, users are prompted to sign into their Google Accounts manually.

Step 3. Google Tez app creates a new UPI ID, or VPA, by picking up the name from the Gmail ID.

Step 4. After that, If UPI [Unified Interface Payment] is already enabled on that bank account you will be advised to enter the UPI PIN. The account will be set up after this step and is ready to use.

How To Pay online Using Google Payment Tez App?

Tez makes it faster and more secure to pay on apps and websites – anywhere that UPI is accepted. When you check out, look for the Tez logo or use your Tez UPI ID.

Step 1. Sending money using the app is fairly easy, you can tap on the payments tab. It lists all the contacts in your phonebook with Google Tez app in one go.

Step 2. Apart from that, you have the option to enter Account Number + IFSC details, UPI ID, Scan QR code, or Tez User Phone Number. You can make and receive your payments from others as well.

How To Pay Nearby Using Your Tezz App? How To Send Or Recieve Money Without Giving any Number?

If you don’t want to share your UPI ID, then also you can send or receive money using Digital featur of Google Payment Tez app named CASH Mode. It is available in Google Tez app. The Cash mode option that lets you transfer money without having the recipient’s phone number. This mode uses ultrasonic frequency inaudible to human ear. Use Cash Mode to send money instantly to another Tez user nearby without needing to share private details like your bank account or phone number. Now you can transact with the simplicity of cash, but with added security.

How To Earn Money Rs 50 Using Google Payment Tez App?

Most of the Indian users Install this software only to get Rs 51. Because Google is offering users Rs. 51 for referring new users to use the app. After that, both users will get the money added to their bank accounts.

Earn Money By Google Payment Tez App

How Much Can You Earn By Google Tez App?

Friends, you and your friend can earn Rs. 51 per referral and you can earn up to Rs. 9000 only by referral, isn’t it awesome?

How to Get Rs 51 on Sign up + Rs 51 per Referral from Tez App by Google:-

1) First of all, Download Tez App Here. (To get signup Reward, you should open this link from Mobile to download the app)

2) After that just Install & Open the Tez App by Google.

3) Next you have to click Click on “Pay using…” Select your Bank account and fetch the UPI.

4) Now Pay Rs 1 or more to anyone.

5) Pay Rs 1 and You will get the Rs 51 on Sign up instantly (It will take up to 72 hours because some ongoing issue is running said Tez App Chat Team).

6) Now Refer your Friends and Earn Rs 51 per Referral.

7) To Get your Referral code Click on “New” Scroll down to the bottom >> Invite Friends to Tez >> Share it using any mode and get your Referral link.

8) Share it with your Friends or family and once He/she will make his first transaction, Both of You will get Rs 51 in the wallet.

How To Step Up Google Tez App and Get Rs. 51 Very Fast?

First of all download and install Google Tez app from blue button given below so that you and I can get Rs. 51 instantly.


Step 1. Install Tez App and Get Rs. 51 After downloading tez app from the above link open it.

Step 2. Now choose your language and click next button given above. After that give your mobile number (the number must be same as your bank account number)

Step 3. After entering the number and receiving OTP and completing the process.

Step 4. After that, it will ask you for a security lock. You can use your existing password or can set a new 4 digit password specially for Google Tez app.

You are done, guys.

Google Tezz Full Terms & Conditions, Rewards & Offers:

NOTE: Terms and Conditions To get Rs. 51

  1. Google Tez App’s Offer Term And Conditions This offer is valid till 1st April 2018.
  2. You can invite anyone through your referral code to get Rs. 51 when your referral makes its first payment.
  3. Your friend or family member must sign up through your Google Tez invite link to get Rs. 51. You can earn Rs. 9000 maximum.

How To Keep Google payment Tez App Full Secure?

To keep the Google Tez app secure you have the option of locking it down with your fingerprint on devices with a fingerprint scanner or using a PIN for the app. While you do have the option to keep the same PIN as screen unlock, We will strongly recommend that you set up a different PIN.

My Last Words:-

Hope You Like This Article ablout How to Earn Money By Google Payment Tez App. If You have any Queries or Questions is persist then please feel free to comment your view points. Thanks For reading.

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