Hello Friends How are you all? Today I am going to show you How to download the latest new version of Windows 10 & Install it? Now you can Download Creators Update of Microsoft Windows 10 the last version and take the profits of new features of it. This is happy news for those who have recently installed the Windows 10 OS – are notified that the latest version of Windows 10 ie. 1703 (OS BUILD 105063.11) code 1703 means third month i.e. March 2017. This latest version was released on 11.04.2017.

So if you want to learn the steps, but don’t know where to start, just read this article from start to end.

Easy Way to download and install the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Now The Main Question of all our Mind is why Do We Install Windows-10 again???

It has only one answer and the answer is very simple. Everyone wants their PC very smooth and fast. It’s much fast and smooth, Its Internet Wi-Fi settings are simpler, and security system is much updated than the previous one. Windows 10 update version can pose update and also so many new feature applications with it. Now It is very easy to solve driver problem and non-support problem, so let us see what is new there in new Windows-10.

Windows 10 Update Build Version Number

1703 (OS BUILD 105063.11

Update Features in Windows 10 

  1. Most of us are waiting for 3D Paint application in Windows OS. But at last three-dimensional paint added in Windows 10 new version.
  2. In previous Windows OS, we are not able to pause the windows update easily but It’s good to see that Windows update can be paused now on its new version.
  3. The most interesting thing in this new version is the Night Light Mode. It will not be available in the old version. In fact, the people who use iPhone may know that the set of mobile display brightness becomes another color over a set time, due to which the battery gets backed up. Another advantage is to save you from eye damage.
  4. All of us know that Windows Defender is the great and most powerful security application for personal computers. Windows Defender is much stronger than before and performance has been increased. Windows defender is in a new look, with so many new powerful tools and functions. That’s why we will not need any new anti-virus software. Now, it’s really good to see for our computer security service as antivirus.
  5. The new version of Windows 10 added “Troubleshoot” option is in settings now, which very good and needful tools which were required before, and presently we get it. Troubleshoot from settings can be taken here: Here are some new features added, such as small problems on your computer. You can solve it from here.
  6. The biggest change is the storage sense. What I mean is that we used the third party apps to remove the junk file or temporary files. From now on it will auto-delete your junk files. Through this new feature.
  7. Now Internet share option is very easy and helpful. Mobile hotspot can be begun in just one click. The service of Pen and Windows ink settings is a new option which is very helpful.
  8. Microsoft Edge is an Internet browser with Windows 10. Its performance has been increased so that you will get a smoother feature. Other features can now be imported from other browsers, the feature has been added.The new browser is much fast, smooth and with many new options.
  9. Now, the game lovers can be able to record or broadcast any game. Gaming option in Windows-10 is much better than the previous one with so many new options.

How to download and install the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Properly

To install Windows-10 Today and see yourself the new features of it, and have the fun of new Windows.Those who are interested in downloading this latest update of Windows 10, highly recommend downloading from the official site of Microsoft, not from any other site.

Here firstly choose ‘Edition’ from Select Edition now choose ‘Language’ from Select Product Language. Suppose, I select Windows-10 Pro and International English, you may select something different.

NOTE: Please note that this official link will valid for 24 hours, so please be sure that your internet speed is very good in time of downloading. The total size is maximum 4.7 GB

You may download it with “Media Creation Tool” and here is the official download link for Windows 10.

After Downloading the ISO file, You can install it by make it USB Bootable. This has only 64 bits Windows and two options pre-activate and non-activate. If you install Windows-10 before then just turned on the internet and activate it online.Last Word:-

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