Essential Phone Review – Buy Or Not?: Hi guys How are you? and today this article about Essential Phone Review – Price and Full Specifications 2017. The whole technology space the essential phone by Andy Rubin has been officially revealed.

Essential Phone Review – Buy Or Not? – Price and Full Specifications 2017

Essential Phone Review - Buy Or Not
Essential Phone Review – Buy Or Not

About Essential Phone:

Here is why it matters this all began with rumors back in early 2016 that the Android Andy Rubin was working on a new Android phone being created by the creator of Android was such a groundbreaking idea giving Android fans. The dream that this would be a singular vision of what an Android phone should be Andy has done a lot of important stuff besides Android he made Google’s robotics division known as Boston Dynamics in 2014.

Who is Andy Rubin?

Andy Rubin's Essential Phone Review - Buy Or Not
Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone Review – Buy Or Not

Essential Phone Review: Andy left Google Desoto’s own tech incubator known as playground global to help start-ups build Hardware and work on developing artificial intelligence and fast forward to March 2017 was their first big teaser on Twitter by no other than Andy Rubin himself. We saw a phone that was basically bezel asset driving excitement especially the start of the coming bezel-free phone revolution as well as a second tweet teasing some sort of 360 apparatus.

Release Date:

Later in May the Essential twitter page was launched giving us the name of the company and the phone to be called the Essential Phone and then on may, 30th was the official reveal of the phone.

Essential Phone Review – Buy Or Not?

Phone Body and Protector:

Let’s dive into what makes his phone just so special. The design will still a rectangular form factor features important changes as there are a typical glass and aluminum.

This phone uses a titanium body in the ceramic back as well as Gorilla Glass 5 on the front the major claims of this phone’s designer hand feel build quality and durability with an apparently very durable build. While other phones would definitely scratch or dent in a corner drop test the incredibly tough titanium frame keeps the phone very durable.

Essential Phone Review - Buy Or Not?
Essential Phone Review – Buy Or Not – Price and Full Specifications 2017

However, the ceramic back is a bit of a concern ceramic is very scratch resistant as demonstrated in its Durability test by such as a man behind the channel Jerry rigged everything. But since ceramic is just so brittle hard force against the back could result in severe cracking and damage the phone comes in various colors in a key point of this phone design is that it has no branding whatsoever on the back.

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The front and of course the front of the Phone features a 5.7 one inch 2560 by 13 12 19 by 10 ratio display the whole front of the phone is basically a display except for a small camera cut-out and a bottom bezel.

Other design details include a rear fingerprint scanner USB see no headphone jack adapter included, no water resistance.

Essential Phone Review - Buy Or Not?
Essential Phone Review – Buy Or Not – Price and Full Specifications 2017

360 Camera:

Something new an accessory connector at launch essential has a 360 camera that clips onto the back magnetically with no charging needed and it just works the camera shoots told megapixel images and 360 videos at 38 40 by 1920 hard to judge the quality of the sample of this time on the website. But looks like typical 360 video essential also claims the phone’s own cameras are very important to featuring dual 13-megapixel sensors with an F 1.85 aperture with a similar idea to the Huaweip10 one camera is RGB and one is monochrome giving better low-light shots as well as a dedicated black and white shooting mode.

Essential Phone Review - Buy Or Not - Andy Rubin
Essential Phone Review – Buy Or Not – Andy Rubin

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If You Compare to iPhone 7 Plus:

I personally prefer the way the iPhone 7 plus handles dual cameras with a zoom mode and a depth mode as having a specific black and white mode is kind of a nice feature.when we some people are going to use well the front a megapixel camera has an F 2.2 aperture and shoots 4k video which is a first for a front-facing camera under the hood.

Processor Review:-

The Essential Phone is powered by 1.9GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and it comes with 4GB of RAM. The phone packs 128GB of internal storage that cannot be expanded.  FS 2.1 storage 2040 million power battery with fast charging.

New Bluetooth & Android Version:

The new Bluetooth 5.0 and on the phone is the purest of Android 7.1.1 with no customization or below where you can play expect some pretty frequent updates because it’s by the creator of android obviously.

Essential Phone Review - Buy Or Not
Essential Phone Review – Buy Or Not


The essential phone there’s no official ship date at the time. Only ships the US with future international availability coming soon and the phone is unlocked and cost $700 the 360 cameras will cost $200. But for a limited time it ‘s only $50 for hard-core Android fans it looks to be popular for now.

Essential Phone Review – Buy Or Not?

Negative Sides:

But the main negatives being a lack of international availability at least for now lack of water resistance, lack of the headphone jack and of course that hefty price will this film be enough to fight Apple Samsung Google. The calmness of other many phone manufacturers who knows.

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My Last Words:

Hope you like this article about Essential Phone Review – Buy Or Not?. But can’t wait to see the future of essential I want to hear your thoughts about the essential phone in the comments down below do you like it you hate it will totally succeed or will just totally fail and flop let me know in the comments down below.

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