Facebook for Creators vs YouTube Earning: Earning Money from Facebook, Yes from now every Facebook users can earn money from Facebook as like YouTube Creators. We feel so happy because we spend a lot of time on Facebook, So after spending time on Facebook, if the source of income from Facebook has come in front of us, then our mind will become so good.

Facebook for Creators vs YouTube Earning Who will Pay More?

Facebook for Creators vs YouTube Earning Who will Pay More

Some days ago, Facebook has released a feature named Facebook Monetization that is you monetize the videos for earning money from Facebook which videos are uploaded on the Facebook.

Though this app I mean Monetization of Facebook Videos is in the beta version. So, there are some Facebook pages where the Facebook Company had implemented it scientifically but the level is being at the same position.

In the continuity of the series, a new thing is brought to Facebook, which is “Facebook for Creators”. Facebook has created a different platform for content creators from where you can earn money. Though, it is not new. Some days ago it was released. Hopefully, you are aware of it.

But, today I am not coming to talk about only “Facebook for Creators” but also I would also discuss in depth about the YouTube earning. That is, today I will discuss comparatively i.e. I will analyze similarly in between the “Facebook for Creators” and “YouTube”. Though there is already a platform for monetizing videos on YouTube and by copying this technique Facebook has made the same platform like YouTube.

Facebook for Creators VS YouTube Earning


So, today I will discuss that which one is profitable? is Facebook? Or is YouTube? If you have a YouTube channel then in which one you will monetize your videos YouTube or Facebook? Or do you monetize your videos on 2 platforms I mean Facebook and YouTube?

Benefits & Features Facebook for Creators?

Facebook for Creators is an app in where you monetize the videos by uploading the videos i.e. you can also give the advertisements for your videos or if you want to take the sponsorship or if you want to take the merchandise of your products or if want to sell your own brand products, or if you want to take the affiliation: by doing these work you can also earn money from facebook similar as Youtube.

Facebook for Creators vs YouTube Earning

Facebook has made it by using the same platform like YouTube. The app name is “Facebook for Creators”. This app is developed for the iOs not for the Android yet. That means this app is under construction for the Android.

So, hopefully, for the next time, we also get this app for Android phones through we monetize our videos and upload our videos to Facebook for Creators. The platform of the monetization of YouTube and Facebook are the same.

Which One You Should Choose For Vlogging | Profitable

Facebook for Creators vs YouTube Earning

So, there is a conflict in the minds of us which one we will choose. For the newcomers which one is profitable? Though the “Facebook for creators” is in the beta version, it has not fully launched yet. After doing the registration in this app, this app will say you that you are in. But, after that what would be happened: nobody knows. But, you can do the registration in it. Now, I am telling you by analyzing which one is profitable? I will tell you that for the newcomers who have not started yet.

What’s My Suggestion to The NewComers?

So my suggestion is please wait and watch the features of the upcoming “Facebook for Creators” app.

All of us know that the earning from YouTube in India is very poor. But, if you wait for the features of this upcoming Facebook app, then it will be very easy to compare with each other.

But I have talked all about the sight of earning money, but if you are a passionate vlogger then any platform can be the best for you.

Can I Upload My Same Videos on Both Platform?

Facebook for Creators vs YouTube Earning Who will Pay More

So many users are already started to think that they can upload their videos in both platforms. But you can’t do it. In the Facebook, your video will be exclusively on the “Facebook for Creators”. If you upload your video to the YouTube after uploading your video on Facebook, then Facebook will strike your video as a copyright issue. So, it is a bad news for those who want to use both platforms.

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But, the users who want use both platforms I mean want to upload their different kinds of videos on both platforms, so for them, they have to give huge times. Because, to make a good quality of content, it takes huge time and you need to be a professional.

What You Should Not Do:

Like YouTube, Facebook will also give so many opportunities, benefits whatever you say to the users. Because both companies are the giant companies. So many people also think that I have not succeeded on YouTube so I upload videos on Facebook and there are so many users in Facebook, so I must be succeeded in Facebook.

Then I will tell you that he also never succeeds in Facebook. Both platforms are focused on the content quality. If your content quality is good, then on any platform you will be succeeded. I always talk about the content quality.

My Last Words:

So everybody should target one objective at a particular time. Just focus on one particular platform. If your content is fine, then on any platform you will be the successful person. So, I will tell you that please choose one platform wisely because two platforms are the best platforms. And again I will tell you about the content quality.

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