Forum Posting For SEO 2022: Hey Everyone. Are you searching for How to do Forum Posting For SEO 2022? A few years ago doing forum posting was one of the best techniques to build high-quality backlinks to our sites. Although it is still used to build backlinks, But, this method is not useful anymore now. According to many SEO Experts Getting high-quality backlinks by doing a forum, and posting is quite not a good idea. Today in this article I am going to share my personal method of How to do forum posting for SEO 2020 properly without spamming and I will share a list of some high-quality Forum Posting Sites. So, all you need to do is just read these complete steps from the beginning to the end.

Forum Posting For SEO 2022

Forum Posting For SEO 2022
Forum Posting For SEO 2022

Everyone’s bloggers have his own judgment……but according to tech, this is still a fabulous strategy to not only create backlinks but to also get traffic if used correctly. Before going forward check it out what will you learn from this article.

What will you learn from this article?

  1. How to do Forum Posting For SEO 2022 Properly?
  2. High-Quality Forum Posting Sites List

How to do Forum Posting For SEO Properly 2022 ?

Forum Posting plays a major role in website SEO and it gives a difference to your backlinks profile.

What will be covered in this Category?

  1. How to search quality forums?
  2. Things to avoid
  3. How to do Forum Posting for SEO?

How to Search High-Quality Forums For SEO?

This is the first and most important step to start with. To search for the quality of a forum or any site we must rely on third-party matrices like Moz etc.

Always keep in mind, you only must do niche posting.

You can type the following in Google to search niche-related forums.

keyword “forum posting”
keyword “discussions”

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After selecting a forum do smart research. You can use Moz Site Explorer to check the forum report which you have selected to do forum posting. It is highly recommended you that only choose those forums which have DA 10+ and spam scores of under 2. So, always keep in minds this two viewpoints.

I know that this is not an official criterion announced by Google to check the quality of a site but Moz is a trusted site and we must rely on it.

Important Things Which You Should Avoid

Due to the immense spamming of this technique in the past few years, we must be careful as Google will punish our website for a lifetime if it catches any spamming activity.

The following are the things one must keep in mind:

Never add your link in your signature (huge spam)
Always post on niche-related forums
Also, avoid adding links in profiles.

How to do Forum Posting for SEO Perfectly?

This is the final step but be careful, to avoid spamming do not just place your website links, Because This is a very risky technique due to huge misuse in past years so be careful. This is a warning message for you by saying repeatedly.

First, carefully read the discussion or quarry and try to give your suggestion as well as the solution of the problem. If it is not possible to solve the quarry without considering or mentioning it to some great piece of content, then place a link and refer the audience to the discussion.

If you follow the above steps, you will not only get good traffic from that links but high-quality links back to your site.

Now, I am going to provide you a quality forums list.

High-Quality Forum Posting Sites List 2022

I am going to divide this list into some of the top niches. SEO, Health, and Technology

SEO | High-Quality Forum Posting Sites

http://www.v7n. com/forums/index.php

http://www.webicy. com/forum.php

http://www.warriorforum. com/feed

https://www.sitepoint. com/community

http://www.seorefugee. com/forums/forum.php

http://www.ewebdiscussion. com

http://siteownersforums. com

http://bestblackhatforum. com/index.php

http://www.itdunya. com

Health | High-Quality Forum Posting Sites

http://www.worldclassbodybuilding. com/forums

https://juicedmuscle. com/forum com

https://ehealthforum. com

http://defendingthetruth. com

http://www.natmedtalk. com

https://patient. info

http://www.diabeticconnect. com/diabetes-discussions

https://whyeat. net/forum/forum.php

https://hcgdietinfo. com/hcgdietforums/forum.php

Technology | High-Quality Forum Posting Sites

https://www.sevenforums. com

http://forum.gsmhosting. com

http://forums.wiredpakistan. com

https://www.computing. net

http://ccm. net/forum

https://www.bleepingcomputer. com/forums

This is the list of some quality forums. I will update this list, as I find more forums. So keep visiting to stay tuned.

I always suggest my viewers do not run for quantity…but for quality articles and backlinks! Always keep this in mind. If you follow this line I am sure you will never fail no one can stop you.

Final Words!

So, guys in my final words I must say Forum posting is one of the link-building methods and I hope after seeing this article you will understand it properly. It does not matter how many links you build, the thing which matters is how many quality links you build.

Hope this post is about How to do Forum Posting For SEO 2022 Properly – Forum Posting Sites List. If you have any queries feel free to leave comments and let me know, what you think. Do not forget to share, Because your one share will motivate me to write more new latest articles for you.

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