Hello, Everybody, Today, in this article I’ll tell you that How To Get Blog Post Ideas Within Minutes, for your upcoming blog posts. It is very difficult to choose blog post topic when you Publish more than 2 article per day. But, in this article, you will learn an amazing trick which will help you to get High-quality blog post ideas within minutes. Let’s see how to do that.

How To Get Blog Post Ideas Within Minutes: Amazing Trick

How To Get Blog Post Ideas Within Minutes Amazing Trick
How To Get Blog Post Ideas Within Minutes Amazing Trick

So we’re going to do this with a tool called blog topic generator by HubSpot.

Step 1. First of all, go to https://www.hubspot.com/blog-topic-generator

Step 2. Come to this page so you need to give them three different keywords and they will give you blog topic ideas based on that. [Example: blog traffic, page speed and social shares]

Step 3. Alright, so they have a disclaimer which tells you that all their titles might not make sense. After placing your Keywords just click on “Give Me Blog Ideas” and it will generate the blog topics related o your keywords.

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How To Get Blog Post Ideas Within Minutes Amazing Trick
How To Get Blog Post Ideas Within Minutes Amazing Trick

Step 4.  If you don’t like the ideas you can click on try, again and again, click on “Give Me Blog Ideas” button then you can see it’ll generate a different kind of topics then previous results.

So this gives a decent amount of ideas for your upcoming blog post and the best part is it could be used in any niche.

So it’s a really great tool and if you’re out of blog post ideas and this is a really quick way to get a blog post ideas within a few minutes.

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