Hello Everyone, Today in this article I am going to share with you Why Google AdSense is Best Advertisement Program to Make Money Online? Now there are many ways that you can make money from the blog. One of the simplest ways and the most popular is Google Adsense.

Why Google AdSense is the Best Advertisement Program to Make Money Online

Why Google AdSense is Best Advertisement Program to Make Money Online
Why Google AdSense is the Best Advertisement Program to Make Money Online

So, the question is Why Google Adsense?

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It’s from Google, how so most of the ads that you see on the Google is of high quality. Now high-quality ads is very very important for a blog, reason being, let’s say if I come to your blog and you’re using any third-party ad network and let’s say it’s not patented or let’s say if it is active and it is showing an ad like make money online ebook and since it’s on your blog.

I really don’t know if it’s an ad or not I’ll click on that I’ll go and make buy it and if it’s not a good book I’ll be blaming it on you because it’s your blog, you are the responsible guy.

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So, with the Google Adsense somehow this factor is not there. because the most of the ads there are high-quality ads so Google ads show to add on few basis one is called contextual and it shows ad based on what is the context of the article.

So if your article is about food it will show ad related to food, if you’re writing about e-commerce stuff so it may show ad related to e-commerce websites shops Shopify all those kind of services or related services. All otherwise Google Adsense also happen with the retargeting.

What is Retargeting?

So let’s say have you noticed that whenever you click on one whenever you visit one site and after that whenever you go to other sites you will see the same and every when it comes here in there or down sideways start popping, it feels like the ad is following. This is called ad retargeting wherever you go ad will follow.

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okay because it helps somehow because you know even though you have been you have been to the website work and now it may be not going to buy but you would remember that you know the brand name. So that’s ad retargeting.

So basically at the time, Google shows automatically. But that’s how Google Adsense works? Apart from that Google Adsense pays you “pay-per-click”. Like you know when the user sees the ad and clicks on it, then you get paid.

But, if the ad is just seen, no action has been taken and you would not get paid.

So the click is important. So, few important thing CTR “click-through rate” like how many people are clicking on that.

How to Increase CTR?

There is one way to increase the CTR is by placing the ad above the fold around the content where people are more likely to see and click on it.

My Last Words:

So, hope you all like this quick short tips article about Why Google AdSense is Best Advertisement Program to Make Money Online. If you still have any asking or quarries feel free to leave your opinion below in the comments section.

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