Hide Files in Google Drive: Hello Everyone. Are you thinking about how to Hide a File in your Google Drive? Let me explain…Google Drive is already protected with a password. Every files and folder in it is hidden from anyone who doesn’t have access to your Google Account. You can share some files or folders using an unlisted link or specific people, with whom you have chosen to explicitly share the folder or file. In the case of folders. But that doesn’t do the whole drive visible to them. So, today in this article I am going to show how you can hide files in Google Drive easily.

How to Hide Files in Google Drive Easily?

How to Hide Files in Google Drive Easily
How to Hide Files in Google Drive Easily

What Will You Learn From This Article?

Let’s think a somewhat different situation where you have a shared folder in drive and you don’t want to view a special file inside that folder.

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Simple Way to Hide Files:

You can move the particular file outside the shared folder. From there you can also easily use an alternate method by hiding or camouflage the files in Google Drive folders that you do not want others to see without using any plugins or extensions.


How to Hide Files in Google Drive Easily

The trick is very simple to hide secret files in Google Drive. Google Drive allows you to store several versions of a file and if you upload a new version of a file, you can also have the older version of that file saved as well with Google Drive. The file versions can be of various types so first, you have to upload a PDF file first and then replace it with an image or a video file.

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The old PDF file would still be available on Google Drive through hidden in plain sight. Here is the explanation of a method by which you can achieve this step by step.

Step1. First of all, go to drive.google.com and upload the file which you want to secrete or hide from specific people or all other users.

Step 2. After the file is finished uploading, you have to simply right-click on the file in Drive and tap on Manage Versions option.

How to Hide Files in Google Drive Easily
How to Hide Files in Google Drive Easily

Step 3. Next, select the “Upload New Version” option to upload another file. You can upload a simple image of a building or another object.

How to Hide Files in Google Drive Easily

Step 4. Finally, rename the original file [image.jpg]. NOTE: For this, you can take any file and extension name.

How to Hide Files in Google Drive Easily

Step 5. Google Drive will automatically update the picture thumbnail of the particular file to that most current version. If someone double-clicks on the file to open it, all they will see the only preview of a Picture.


By default, Google Drive stores the past version or former versions of all such files for 30 days period of time, before deleting them forever. But, there is also an option to save the file forever if you follow this step.

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So, All you need to do is right-click on that particular hidden file in the Google Drive, there is an option called Managed Versions. >> choose Managed Versions >> Tap on the 3-dot vertical menu >> check or tick the “Keep Forever” option. This will help you to keep your hidden file forever.

How to Hide Files in Google Drive Easily

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  • If you want to build another copy of that particular file, the new copy will only contain the latest version of the file.
  • In case If you allow another user to give authorization access to the file, they cannot see the other existing versions of the file.
  • Google Drive Gives users sufficient space to use. So you should remember that If the main file is 10 Megabite and you replace it with an image that shows a mere 2 Megabite, the file will still use 10+2=12MB space in your Google Drive. This will help you to further customize the use of these files and folders.

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My Last Words:

Hope you understood and like this article about How to Hide Files in Google Drive Easily? If you still have any quarries then feel free to comment below in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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