Are you a beginner using telegram and facing the problem with how to add stickers in Telegram? If yes then you are at the right post. The answer is very simple just follows the guide get 4 Easy and Best ways to add stickers in Telegram. So, just go for it.

How to Add Stickers in Telegram App

How to Add Stickers in Telegram App [4 Easy and Best Tricks]

Today in this post you are going to learn 4 different ways for how to add stickers in Telegram.

Method 1. Using telegram channel.

Method 2. By Adding Refer telegram Stickers

Method 3. Using telegram Sticker link.

Method 4. By making your own telegram stickers.

4 Ways to Use Stickers in Telegram App

1. Using Telegram Stickers Channels:

Our first method is using stickers channels., Yes you can add new stickers pack using join stickers channels. You have to follow those telegram channels which, daily share the telegram stickers. I recommended you to join this stickers Channel Look add stickers through telegram channel.

  • Join telegram sticker’s channels.
  • Find telegram stickers image, tap on that.
  • Now, you can show the image of entire sticker pack and ADD STICKERS option.
  • Click on add stickers. Yes, you can do that!

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2. By Adding Refer Telegram Stickers:

If your friends or telegram member share a telegram stickers to your chat. You simply need to click on the stickers and follow below step.

  • Tap on the sticker’s icon.
  • A new window opens and says to “Add to stickers” option.
  • After clicking add option the stickers will be added automatically sticker’s library.

3. Using Telegram Sticker Link:

To add stickers on your telegram you will search a stickers link. You can find the telegram stickers link on the internet. Which must help you to add more stickers.

  • After getting telegram stickers link, Hit on that
  • Now, it redirects to telegram app and see the image of entire sticker pack.
  • Simply click on add stickers. That’s it.

4. Make Own Telegram Stickers

The fourth option is by making your own telegram stickers. To learn how to do create it then visit our the post how to create own telegram stickers pack.

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So, friends, these are the 4 Easy and Best methods or ways on how to add telegram stickers to your app. If you like this post please share this post.

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