Hello! Everyone. The most important part of SEO is to keep building quality backlinks back to your site. because when you stop building backlinks after reaching the top 1st positions in Google Search Engine your competitors will eliminate or beat you from the search results. So, in this article, I am going to share What are Backlinks and How To Get Quality Backlinks Fast 2020? From here you can learn in detail step by step.

How To Get Quality Backlinks Fast 2020?

How To Get Quality Backlinks Fast 2020
How To Get Quality Backlinks Fast 2020

What Are Backlinks?

Before you will learn the whole process, you have to know first what are backlinks? Backlinks are actually two types. Inbound links and outbound links. There is no difference between Inbound links and the backlinks, actually are same in terms. These links are found on other’s sites back to your site. The greater the Inbound or backlinks you have the more the popularity your site has and more the visitor’s engagement you will have.

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What Will You learn Form This Article?

In this article, you will learn how to get quality backlinks fast? The techniques that I will show you will rank you higher in search engines in no time. You will learn following techniques to outrank your competitors.

1. Broken Link Building
2. Replication of competitors Backlinks
3. Guest Posting (No PBN Links)
4. Forum Posting

By following just these 4 techniques you can rank for any keyword You want higher in Search Results.

3 Best Process Get Quality Backlinks Fast 2020

How To Get Quality Backlinks Fast 2020
How To Get Quality Backlinks Fast 2020

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If you follow these steps then you will get best natural links back to your site. So, I advise you not to apply any other technique if you want to do real and long-term S.E.O of your site. Let’s start learning these methods one by one.

1. Broken Link Building:

The First and most important technique is Broken Link Building. The process is a bit difficult but from here you will get outstanding results. The fruit of your hard work will be great. Because in this way the links that you get are Niche Related, High quality, and 100% Natural.

Google loves those links which are from High DA and PA domains which are a very big ranking factor. As these domains have high trust in eyes of Google.

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2. Copy Competitors Backlinks:

This is also one of the best techniques to Copy or replicate your competitor’s Backlinks. In this, you have to search in Google your Keyword and then you have to copy first 10 search results links.

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There are many tools available but, Ahrefs tool has many features which help you a lot. Watch the following tutorial which tells you to learn, how to Copy Backlinks.

3. Guest Posting:

Guest Posting one of the oldest and best process to get quality backlinks back to your site.

Difference Between Guest Posing And Article Submission

The big mistake or confusion that lots of new web bloggers have Guest Posting with Article submission sites and Private Blog Networks (PBN). As article submission is completely different sites which allow users to publish their article.

On the other hand Guest Posting, which comes to those articles or links which are first reviewed by site admins and then get approved if their article or links are able to their guidelines and requirements.

How To Do Proper Guest Posting?

First, have to search for the sites in Google that allow Guest Posting on your Website. You can search this by applying this:

keyword “guest post”

keyword “accepting guest posts”

keyword “submit a guest post”

keyword “guest post guidelines”

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In this way, you can find sites which allow Guest posting on your site. After getting the sites you have to seriously read their Guidelines or requirements and then try to write and unique articles.

NOTE: Do not add links at the top of the article, While writing for Guest Post, try to add links in the middle or at the end of the article. From there, Your article will get a chance of approval fast.

4. Forum Posting:

I will tell you how to get backlinks fast by applying Forum Posting technique and everything is a genuinely white hat.

First of all, you have to find those forums which do not approve comments containing links automatically. Google will 100% consider these links back to your site as natural and quality links. Because those links containing comments when approved by owners or admins then your links back to your site will no longer be spam.

Here are some of the Forum Posting Genuine Sites For Link Building


Support Forums


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My Last Words:

Finally, By applying just these 4 techniques you can easily beat your competitors. I hope now you have learned How To Get Quality Backlinks Fast 2020. If you still have some confusions, do not forget to tell me through your comment below. Thanks for reading.

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