Hello Everyone. Today I am going to share with you How to Increase Domain Authority Very Fast 2020 by 7 Simple Steps? There are over 200 ranking factors to rank in Search engine, But domain authority is one of the most important major factors to increase your website to the search engine ranking.

So I think now the question comes to in your mind ”How to increase page and domain authority quick and in a simple way ?” Keep Reading…!

How to Increase Domain Authority Very Fast 2020 by 6 Simple Steps? | Boost DA | PA

How to Increase Domain Authority Very Fast 2017 by 6 Simple Steps? | Boost DA | PA
How to Increase Domain Authority Very Fast 2020  by 6 Simple Steps? | Boost DA | PA

What is Domain Authority | DA?

Domain Authority is an emerging key factor in SEO. It has an important role in SERP on Google, Yahoo/Bing search engines. Your website Domain Authority will also help you to gain organic traffic. SIte’s DA is important in the judgment to help you understand how your site is performing and what you have to do to keep your site higher in Search Rankings.

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As all, we know Google Page Rank is dead [2-3 Years Ago], so we have to rely on third-party metrics to check how our site is performing and what we have to do to make it rank higher.

How to Increase Domain Authority Very Fast 2017 by 6 Simple Steps? | Boost DA | PA
How to Increase Domain Authority Very Fast 2017 by 6 Simple Steps? | Boost DA | PA

Importance of Good Domain Authority:

A site with high Domain Authority scores ranks fast in the search engines.

How to check domain authority? Bulk

Visit free tools seoweather.com and enter your Domain or Domains >> Click on Go Fetch button to check your DA & PA.

What is a good domain authority score?

“It totally depends on your website. Meanwhile, in general, a DA score of 20 is good and 40 is very good and anything above 60+ is excellent.

7 Major Factors That Help to Improve Domain Authority

How to Increase Domain Authority Very Fast 2017 by 6 Simple Steps? | Boost DA | PA
How to Increase Domain Authority Very Fast 2017 by 6 Simple Steps? | Boost DA | PA

So, In this short post, I am going to share those major factors that can help you to increase your website domain authority score fast. Let me tell you some of the important factors which increase your site DA and PA.

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1. Backlinks:

Backlinks are the most important and greatest reason that help in increasing your website Domain Authority score fast. Do not underestimate this point If you want to grow your domain authority in the search result.

2. Interlinking | Fixing Brocken Links:

You are already close to the term inbound links, so this is the same thing. All you need to focus on building a strong internal link profile to raise your Domain Authority [DA] in the search result. But, having a number of broken links on your site, Google bots believe your site not accurately prepared. So you may use some plugins and tools for fixing broken links on your website. You can install broken link tool and run that extension at each of your post. >> Once you find delete/exchange all dead URL.

3. Domain Age:

The Domain Age also a significant ranking factor. Google gives value to those websites which are more than 1 year older and have good trust. So always make sure that your domain has a great profile and is dependable.

4. Website Loading Time:

If you are running your website which loads fast then it is most likely that Moz builds your site’s DA. Because both Google and Moz prefer those websites which load faster.

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How to Increase Domain Authority Very Fast 2017 by 6 Simple Steps? | Boost DA | PA
Increase Domain Authority Very Fast 2017

5. Traffic | Bounce Rate [Time Spent on Your Site]:

The Next most very important point is Website Traffic. If you are getting good organic traffic on your site then domain authority will automatically improve. All we know that there are many traffic sources like social media, referrals, direct etc but the traffic which comes from Google helps you to raise your sites Domain Authority quickly. And another point is Bounce Rate that means Traffic spends More times, more page views will increase your Domain authority score.

6. Bad Backlinks:

Keep a close eye on your backlinks. And If you find some links which are coming from unnecessary or bad sources then take action against those Bad Backlinks and try to remove them as soon as possible.

7. Quality Content:

If your website user or traffic loved your quality content or article then Google will also love your site take interest on your site. I recommend you Never copied other sites articles. You can not increase your search ranking in google and DA score if you write copyrighted content in your blog.

My Last Words:

Hope you like this article about How to Increase Domain Authority Very Fast 2017 by 7 Simple Steps? | Boost DA | PA. Start working from today by the above-mentioned methods and you will get the definitely better result.  If you like my article or If you have any issues while following above points, then do not forget to tell me through your comment below in comment section. Any of your opinions will encourage me for correction and make this article into a better quality. Thanks for being, stay tuned for my next for my next article.

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