What is Jio Coin Launch Date 2018?

Jio Coin Launch Date 2018: These days Cryptocurrencies are getting lots of the buzz across the world. People who even don’t know how this crypto thing is works are also spending in the Bitcoins and other altcoins such as Ripple, Ethereum, etc.

After the massive success in the telecom industry, Reliance is all set to launch its brand new cryptocurrency which is called JioCoin, and it is the first ever cryptocurrency in India.

Jio Coin Launch Date 2018 – When is JioCoin Launching [Update]

Although there is no official statement yet made by Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani, Everyone is waiting for the news of Jio Coin Launch Date.

The JioCoin Launching in India is one of the most awaited things in these days. Akash Ambani and a Committee of around 50 members has been set up who are working Hard on Blockchain Technology for Jio Coin, that is the first ever cryptocurrency in India.

When is JioCoin Launching? Jio Coin ICO

Jio Coin Launch Date 2018 – When is JioCoin Launching [Update]

So here is the update of Jiocoin it will launch on 15th Feb with ICO which will price as 0.5$ and total supply Will be 1 billion. This is the Update we got from Sources. So what are the scenarios?

1. Btc is going to get legal in India

2. The Owner of Reliance has an excellent touch! Whatever Field he chooses, He is Dominant over there

3. The person with knowledge of crypto is also going to invest in it

4. At the end, Jiocoin will moon (Price will go High)

Disclaimer: We are not sure about this news. There maybe Delay or anything but this is what the News We Got.

The Date of Jio Coin Launch is still not announced by Jio.

We are waiting for an Official Confirmation from the committee of 50 members who are working on this plan.

What is the Estimated Jio Coin Launching Date?

Reliance Jio wants to get into the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is a network of devices such as wearable devices, smartphones, connected to the internet, vehicles and home appliances which enables these objects to join and exchange data. So it may take more than three months for Jio Coin to come.


Hope this post helps you to gain little bit information about Jio Coin Launce Date. Are you Excited for Jio Coin? What is your opinion please drop your comments below. Please share this post.

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