Keyword Ranking Google: Hello Everyone. Do you have a website? Every new blogger has the same question, how to get top positions in Google 2018? The point is Keyword researching. If a Blogger does not apply the Keyword researching correctly, ranking keywords could be difficult. This process has a complete set of Google algorithms to rank your sites for the specific keyword. However, There are only 2 main steps to rank or Optimize your keywords to get higher rankings in Google Search Engine. First one is very important On-Page Optimization and secondly is Off Page Optimization.

So, today in this article I am not going into the discus about on-page optimization as there is nothing new about it which I had already written. If you don’t read then go for it.

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Keyword Ranking Google: How To Get Top Positions in Google 2018

Keyword Ranking Google How To Get Top Positions in Google 2018
Keyword Ranking Google How To Get Top Positions in Google 2018

Most of the bloggers face problems in optimizing the keywords correctly to rank higher in Google. Achieve a keyword ranking is a little bit difficult but not impossible and with the below-mentioned strategy, it must not be any more hard for you. So, today, My main focus is on off-page optimization to get higher rankings in 2018. From here you can get a complete Off Page Keyword Ranking Guide step by step.

The Complete Off Page Keyword Ranking Guide Learn Step By Step

Remember: 2018 is coming and Google is changing its Algorithms simultaneously. So, In 2018 you have to put your main focus on 3 off page optimization factors to get higher Google rankings such as 1. Site Speed 2. Mobile Friendliness and 3. Backlinks. Let me explain in detail all about this.

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1. Site Loading Speed:

As in 2018, Google will focus more on user experience to give rankings. If you want to rank your Keywords google then you have to always be careful about your site’s speed. Your website speed is very important factor to get higher rankings. If you really want to rank keywords in Google, You should not compromise on your site loading speed. Your site must load within 3 Seconds to increase good user experience. So, make sure your site’s speed is under 3 sec. If not then optimize your site speed. There are so many plugins avliable in WordPress such as Wp Super Cache, Breeze, W3 Total Catch, Wp-Optimize which helps your WordPress blog to increase loading speed.

Keyword Ranking Google How To Get Top Positions in Google 2018
Keyword Ranking Google [Site Loading Speed]

2. Mobile Friendly Theme:

Google will not compromise on those sites which are not mobile friendly In 2018. Your website template should be mobile friendly and Google AMP Plugin activated and well managed on your wordpress blog. If your site is not mobile friendly then you will fail in 2018. So, I recommend you to Install such themes which are mobile friendly and If you are still using free themes please avoid them. Do not use free themes it will not compromise by google.

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Keyword Ranking Google: How To Get Top Positions in Google 2018

3. Building High Quality Backlinks:

If you want to survive in 2018 and coming years, you should not compromise on the quality of backlinks. Because Backlinks are still the biggest factor in 2018 for Offpage optimization in higher rankings. While building backlinks, the quality matters than quantity and this is 100% true and you should never compromise on it.

How to Build High-Quality Backlinks To Get Rankings Quickly? [Apply the Following Strategy]

So, the trick is tiered link building. In this strategy, you have to build links only to the tier 2. Let me explain you in detail how it works.

First of all watch this video of “Neil Patel”

Now let me explain this factor in a more easy way, So you can understand the strategy perfectly.

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Tier 1 Backlinks:

These will be the links which you build directly to your money site. As they are the direct links so do not compromise on the quality of them. You should not build all type of junk links as your tier 1 links as they will hurt your rankings.

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I have written a complete article about how to build high-quality backlinks to your money site and I want you to read it before you build any kind of links.

How to Build High-Quality Backlinks?

It is advisable that you only apply the methods I have mentioned in the above article to gain safe and quick rankings.

Tier 2 Backlinks:

In tier 2 backlinks you can compromise on a little bit about quality but not too much. Now you have to build links to your tier 1 links.

While making tier 2 links you can use the 7 following techniques to get a higher rank on google.

1. Article Submission
2. Blog Commenting
3. Forum Posting
4. Profile links
5. Social Bookmarking
6. Social Media Sharing
7. Web 2.0 Submission

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In this way, you can improve the PA of your tier 1 links which pass the link juice to your money site and you will get higher rankings in Google quickly.

My Last Words:

No one will beat you if you apply this strategy quickly. Hope you like this article about Keyword Ranking Google: How To Get Top Positions in Google 2018? If you still have some confusions, do not forget to tell me through your comment below. Thanks for reading.

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