Hello Everyone. Are you feeling bored to see the same theme on telegram apps and searching for something new and stylish to use on your telegram app? So If You are searching for Free Download Latest Telegram Themes Pack for android and desktop 2024? then we must say you are at the right post. Because Today in this post I am going to share a list of the latest and most stylish collection of Telegram Themes For Android and Desktop download links for free? You can use themes for both Devices. So Read below to Use Telegram Themes and Free download Latest Telegram Themes Pack in Zip file for android and desktop 2024.

Free Download Latest Telegram Themes Pack for Android and desktop 2024

Free Download Latest Telegram Themes Pack for android and desktop 2018

Everyone wants freedom. This is why Telegram is the free and open source for anything like channels, stickers, Bots, groups etc. Now, popular social messaging app telegram provides a new feature that is Telegram Themes.

There is 85 percent of telegram user can change to their custom theme. You can check for more information how to change Telegram Custom Themes? Look at this guide.

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If you are not interested in making custom themes, just follow the below download links and See the Collection of Telegram Themes only for you. Read attentively the guide how to use telegram themes for android device and Desktop.

How to Use the Below Telegram Android Themes?

Step 1: – First of all Download any Telegram Android Themes of your choice from the below.

Step 2: – Open your Telegram apps and chat with your Friends.

Step 3: – Just tap send any file option and choose a theme, which you have already downloaded.

Step 4: – After completing the send file, tap on “3dot” line.

Step 5: – Next, there is shown many options found but don’t click any other simply click on “Apply Theme File”.

Step 6: – Now, the new window will open and ask to apply the theme, Tap on “APPLY” Button. that’s it now you can Enjoy new theme.

Latest Telegram Themes Pack Download for Android 2024

1) Toxic Green Telegram Android Theme

After use toxic green, it changes the background color to black and textured white. But the enjoyable part is the icon color change to green.

Download Themes

2) Whatsatm Telegram Android Theme:

The Whatsatm theme is alternative of WhatsApp. If you want to change the Android telegram themes to WhatsApp, then use this idea. Just look WhatsApp themes for android device.

Download Themes

3) ARC Dark Telegram Android Theme

This theme supports only Android smartphones. When you apply this theme to your Android the side color looks blue, and the text color will be shown white.

Download Themes

4) Carbon Devil Telegram Android Theme

The carbon devil telegram themes is a design telegram apps to the new look. This is also for android phone users. These themes give your telegram app look into black wallpaper color, text color white, and icon color modify into light blue.

Download Themes

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5) Concrete Telegram Android Theme:

The concrete theme is available for the Android user. Concrete is joint to place as the same this theme is concrete 2 color black and pink.

Download Themes

6) Green Light Telegram Android Theme:

The color of the tree is green Green color dost not affect any problem of our eves. So, you must use the green android telegram themes and protect your eye without any disease.

Download Themes

7) Green Moonlight Telegram Android Theme

This theme this gives you a natural look of Moonlight. The green moonlight telegram Android themes will provide you an amazing experience. Just download it by clicking on download link button.

Download Themes

8) Cookie Cat Telegram Android Theme:

This theme looks like on your android telegram app Cutty cat image is attached on the wallpaper of your telegram apps. So guys use this theme and make your themes to a new look.

Download Themes

9) Cyan Core Telegram Android Theme:

The cyan telegram themes inbuilt text color is white, and the background color is cyan. It is a superb option for telegram users.

Download Themes

10) Dark Rose Telegram Android Theme:

Do you ever see a dark rose? If you apply this theme to your telegram theme then this telegram themes is must helpful to see the dark rose color.

Download Themes

11) Faded Telegram Android Theme:

The Faded color is more beautiful and includes yellow, black color. I already use this theme because it changes the whole design of the telegram.

Download Themes

12) Radium Telegram Android Theme:

Madam Curry made radium in 1903. Same as the radium, you can change your custom telegram theme to radium icon and color. Simple click on below link and use on telegram apps

Download Themes

13) Yoali Telegram Android Theme:

Final telegram theme the Yoali theme, which changes your telegram android themes to a new model. I recommend you must use this theme on your telegram application.

Download Themes

14) WhatsTM Telegram Android Theme:

If you are interested to change your telegram themes to Whatsapp then use the WhatsTM Telegram themes it very cool and make your telegram app to custom WhatsApp version.

Download Themes

15) Glass Brasil Telegram Android Theme:

This theme gave you to look at the Sunlight color is looking at evening time. This time nature shows beautiful, and then the Glass Brasil telegram Android themes are suitable for you.

Download Themes

16) iMessage Telegram Android Theme:

The iMessage themes is an alternative option of telegram default themes. It takes two type of color the background color provides blue, and the text color is black. You can use it on telegram apps.

Download Themes

17) Kindred Telegram Android Theme:

Do you know Deep blue is called kinder color? This theme is adding dark blue and black mix color. This theme Just uses this item and make the Android telegram themes new black, blue mix color.

Download Themes

18) Kung Fury Telegram Android Theme:

This theme looks like brinjal color. Simply download the themes and apply to your telegram apps.

Download Themes

19) Lanaray Telegram Android Theme:

Lanaray Android telegram themes is a simple telegram apps theme only for android device. After using this theme, your telegram color change light pink color.Its background also changed to pink and text color is white.

Download Themes

20) Little Fish Telegram Android Theme:

We are love to little fish. The fish color is goods look, so we decided to make a custom theme which contains little fish. You can Download the small fish telegram theme and change your themes of a telegram.

Download Themes

21) Purple Telegram Android Theme:

The purple telegram Android themes change the background color to light blue color and texture color is white.if you want to use that then, follow how to apply Android telegram themes step?

Download Themes

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How to Recover Default Telegram theme on Android?

Some theme changes the style and icon so we don’t understand the new design. So, in this situation, we need to recover default theme on a telegram. so Read below guide to recover default Telegram Themes.

Step 1: – Open the Telegram apps on Android.

Step 2: – Then, click on the menu icon and click on setting option.

Step 3: – After that, simply scroll down and Stop Theme option.

Step 4: – Now, choose a theme and change the theme to Default telegram theme.

Note: See next page for telegram theme desktop

Telegram Desktop Themes 2024

How to use Telegram themes on Desktop?

If you interested in using the below telegram theme on your desktop, then read the below guide and follows the step and step guide.

Step 1: – Download any one Telegram Desktop Themes on your PC or Computer.

Step 2: – Open the Telegram apps and chat with your Friends.

Step 3: – Just click send any file option and choose a theme, which before download. download telegram desktop themes

Step 4: – After completing the send file, tap on Theme which is indicated on above image.

Step 5: – Next, the new window is open and said to apply the theme, Tap on “APPLY” Button and Enjoy new.

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Download Latest Telegram Themes for Desktop 2024

Telegram Desktop themes are the desktop-theme format. Mainly it is a compressed file that contains background image and custom stylesheet file for color schemes. now, download the latest telegram desktop themes on below.

1. White blue telegram desktop theme


2. Light Purple Telegram desktop Theme


3. Light Pink Telegram desktop theme


4. Light Blue desktop telegram theme


5. Light Green telegram desktop theme


6. Dark Blue Telegram Desktop Theme:


7. Window XP Telegram Desktop Theme


8. Ubuntu Telegram Desktop theme


9. Dark Pink Telegram Desktop Theme


10. Dark Red Telegram Desktop Theme


11. Greenlight Telegram Desktop Theme


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Finally, friends, Hope you like this post about Free Download Latest Telegram Themes Pack for Android and desktop 2024. I think you must be enjoying both device desktop and Android. Please share this post having any quarries feel free to drop your comments below. For more new latest updates please subscribe this site by clicking on the bell icon. Thanks for visiting

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