What Are Actually Low Quality Backlinks 2017?: Hello! Everyone. Today in this article I will try to make you understand What Actually are Low Quality Backlinks 2017? The most major part of Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is linking back to your site with High Quality Backlinks. There are so many information available on the internet If you search on Google about high-quality backlinks. But If you look clearly very little information about low quality backlinks. Like you also most of the new bloggers have a question that what actually Low quality backlinks are? So, thinking all over matter I am going try to answer this question as effectively as much as I can.

What Actually are Low Quality Backlinks 2017?

What Actually are Low Quality Backlinks 2017
What Actually are Low Quality Backlinks 2017

Now, I will try to explain step by step about low-quality links using headings:

1. Profile Backlinks:

Profile links are of Low Quality Backlinks. So, try to avoid creating too many profile backlinks. The reason is that there is an option of the homepage, in the about section or Bio section, to add your add your website Link. Google’s Algorithm is very powerful. So Google knows everyone can create accounts on these sites like Apple, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Twitter, etc to get links from there. That’s why Google does not give quality and Importance to these links.

NOTE: Please don’t buy any Profile links when you buy any back-link services. Make sure that they are not offering profile links. If they are, simply avoid them…

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2. Linking to Other Websites:

If you get links from other Websites, then your site rankings will not go up but down. Google algorithm is smart and intelligent enough to know, that how is it possible, that a money making website gets back-link from health website.

NOTE: I suggest you build your sites backlink only on related websites.

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3. Linking to Outdated Websites:

Think twice before placing Your website link on those sites which is not updated since last 6 months, then this is low quality backlinks. So try to get links from those websites which updates their content daily.

4. Choosing Links Which You Buy:

I highly recommend you not to buy links from a website. This is the worst thing and Google hates unfamiliar systems.

NOTE: If anyhow Google knows that you have bought a backlink from a site, Google will punish or ban your site and you will never capable to recover your website.

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What Actually are Low Quality Backlinks 2017

My Last Words:

So these are low-quality backlinks. Hope you like this article about What Actually are Low Quality Backlinks 2017? If you have any quarries, feel free to comment below in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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