Hello Everyone. Today in this post I am going to share How to make money with typing job at home. If you have knowledge Hindi or English and good speed in typing then you have a great opportunity to earn money RS. 500 to 1500 per day. Yes, it is not fake 100% real. If you complete your typing task you will get your money for sure.

So, now you are thinking there are lots of Typing Job websites on the internet who says that If you work on those then you will earn a lot of money. But in reality, 90% of them did pay single money after you finished your task on them. Then even did not reply you. Most of them inform you that you have not finished your task properly by presenting various reasons. But, Today, in this post I am going to share a genuine website which will pay for you of your typing work. The Name of The Website is Contentment.com

Make Money With Typing Work at Home | 100% Real

Make Money With Typing Work at Home  100% Real

Now You are thinking “What is the Guarantee That This Website Will Not Cheat Like Others“. So Let me explain, The most important part of the website which impresses you that whenever a client joins this website they have to Pay fast before they place an order on this site.

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For Example: If you Join in this website as a client then the website ask you for the payment before submitting their work for the writers.

As a result, when some user joins this site for start work for any client they do not have to worry because you can see the payment has already done on the website from the client. and the website will Pay you just after you finish your job.

So, it is 100% real You can submit your typing work and get your payments easily.

Make Money With Typing Work at Home  100% Real

About Contentment:

Contentment is a content marketplace that works as an excellent program not only for the authors and copywriters but also for those who are looking for the complete wordsmiths. The interface is easy to use and features a structured navigation system for clients and writers to find each other.

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Those who are in need of a quality content, whether it is business writing, web page content writing, articles, blogs, travelogues or even academic writing, this is a platform that is solely dedicated to content which they can trust. This platform will help them to reach out to the serious individual authors and editors.

Contentment is one of the few portals that concentrate only on content and no other services. With such a promising perspective, Contentment has a long path to pave for an elevated content business.

How to Make Money With Typing Work at Home

Make Money With Typing Work at Home  100% Real

Step 1. Go to the official website of Contentmart.com

Step 2. Click on the Register button at the top right corner.

Step 3. Fill Your Username, Email ID, Password, Country, Choose Writer Option, Check The box of TOS and Click on Regester Now Button. You can also register using your Facebook account.

Step 4. Before you start bidding on projects, you are required to pass an English Language Test. Click on “Take The Test” Now Button and Complete the test by answering simple some questions.

Make Money With Typing Work at Home  100% Real

Remember: This is only because the website wants to check your knowledge whether you are eligible to complete the task of any clients of their website. Simply you have to prove yourself that you can do. So, If you to answer correctly all the multiple choice question.

Step 5. After Completing the Test go to All orders option >> Check for available orders under ‘All Orders’ tab >>

Make Money With Typing Work at Home  100% Real

>> Place Your Bid: Choose a project of your interest, and submit an offer

>> Client assigns the Project: After that, the Client assigns the project On viewing and accepting your proposal, the client will assign you the project

>> My Orders: You can found All such accepted projects can be found under the ‘My Orders’ tab

>> Completion & Submission: Submit the order for the client to review. He may accept/reject/reassign it.

>> Payment: As and when the client accepts the order, you get paid.

Make Money With Typing Work at Home  100% Real

Payment Process:

The Company will Pay you two different methods. First, one is direct bank Transfer and second is Through Paypal. You can Choose Direct Bank Transfer option. For This, You have to add your bank details to get payments into your account setting option. You can get payments in Paypal account.

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My Last Words:

Hope you like this post have any quarries do forget to leave your comments below in the comments section. Try it and start earning from Home.

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