Hi Are You Searching For Best Mobile Games That Will Help You Relax your Mind, then you are at the right place, Today in this post we are going to share Top 5 Mobile Games That Will Help You Fall Asleep. Have you experienced those restless nights when you can’t seem to fall asleep, no matter how exhausted you are? It can get pretty frustrating. We know because we’ve been there too, and so do more than five million Americans.

During restless nights like these, we can’t fall asleep no matter how much we toss and turn. To pass the time and make the sleepless night “productive”, we tend to reach for our phones and browse through social media or read the news.

Best 5 Mobile Games That Will Help You Fall Asleep

You can lessen those restless nights by using a hybrid mattress, setting the right thermostat in your room, and creating a more sleep-friendly space. However, because you’re already using your phone, the best that we can do is to let you in on a little secret. Did you know that there are mobile app games that were developed to help you asleep? Yes, there, and these may just be the solutions that you’re waiting for!

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To know what these are, keep on reading!

Best Mind Relaxing Mobile Games

Best 5 Mobile Games That Will Help You Fall Asleep

The Mobile Games Which Can Help You Get Those ZZZsss

The truth is there are plenty of mobile app games that can lull you to sleep. To help you find the one that will work best for you, we have compiled five of the Most popular games below. Here they are:

  1. Stack

Game Type: Problem-solving

Category: Puzzle

Compatible with: iOS and Android

Developer: Ketchapp

Price: $0 (with in-app purchases)

Stack is considered to be the best block-stacking game. The concept of the game is pretty simple. You need to make that the block will land on top of the stack. To release the next block, you only need to push one button.

The simplicity of the game and the monotonous activity involved in playing make it one of the best games to enjoy while in bed. Since the controls are pretty straightforward, your brain won’t be stimulated so you can play it even if you’re only half-awake.

Additionally, the graphics are pretty basic yet aesthetically pleasing as it uses light pastel colors that are relaxing and calming to the eye.

But before you get too bored with the game’s premise, you should know that it has an exciting twist- the part of the block that won’t land at the top of the tower will be cut off. As a result, the tower gets thinner and thinner, and the game becomes a little more challenging until you fail.

  1. Sheep Sleep

Game Type: Action

Category: Arcade

Compatible with: Android only

Developer: Superpea LTD

Price: $0 (with in-app purchases)

We’ve all heard about the tip to count sheep when you couldn’t fall asleep. With the Sheep Sleep app, you can now do the counting digitally!

The premise is this game is similar to the idea of counting sheep to fall asleep. In this game, you’ll find a sleeping kid, and there’ll be sheep that will appear in the room. The challenge is to guess the number of sheep that passed through the room. If you fail, the kid will wake up!

For a more relaxed gaming experience, the app has the “sleep mode” feature wherein you need to count the sheep in the room until you fall asleep—no challenge included!

  1. Dream Walker

Game Type: Endless Runner

Category: Arcade

Compatible with: iOS and Android

Developer: Pocket PlayLab Limited

Price: $0 (with in-app purchases)

This game capitalized on the idea of sleepwalking or the phenomenon wherein you’re walking while you’re in your deep sleep.

It features the dream walking character that they call Anna, and your role is to guide her as she goes through different adventures in her dreams.

Following the endless runner format, the mechanics of the game is similar to that of the famous Temple Run. But since this game is designed for sleep, it’s more relaxed and straightforward. Even its graphics—with its dark colors—and soothing background music are intended to induce relaxation and not stimulation.

  1. Meditation Game

Game Type: Problem-solving

Category: Casual

Compatible with: iOS and Android

Developer: Monkey Mind

Price: $0 (with in-app purchases)

We all know that meditation helps with sleep because it is effective in putting the body in a relaxed state and freeing the mind from anxious thoughts.

That’s the reason why the Meditation Game was developed.  If you’re new to meditation, this game can help you get into the practice of meditation in the easiest way possible. All you have to do is follow the little energy dots by tilting your phone to the direction you want your character (the bigger dot) to go.

With its simple mechanics, your body and mind will feel relaxed and more ready to sleep. The serene background music is also a great bonus. The best news is it has no ads, so you won’t experience interruptions as this game brings you to dreamland!

  1. Orbia

Game Type: Character-driven Game

Category: Arcade

Compatible with: iOS and Android

Developer: JOX Development

Price: $0 (with in-app purchases)

The developer describes it as a tap and relax game because all you need to do is tap the screen to launch your character—a white furry ball—into another location. You need to time the launch right to avoid the cute round monsters with green eyes. It’s so easy that you can use only one hand to play the game!

Even though the graphics are more colorful than other sleep games, it’s presented in a muted and darker shade so it won’t stimulate your brain and eyes. The serene background music is the icing on top of this game’s cake.

  • Final Words

Using your phone to get sleep seems counterproductive. After all, many studies tell about the negative impact of blue light on sleep. To minimize the adverse effects of blue light and maximize the benefits these mobile games have to offer, the best thing you can do is download and use an app that reduces the amount of blue light that your mobile phone emits.

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