Most of the people do not know the usage between the Modem and the Router. If you know it, then most of the people do not know how do these do or perform it? Most of the people are aware of this, but they do not know about these functions.

I welcome to all of the visitors in my tutorial. Today, I will tell you the difference in between the Modem and the Router. Let’s start it, friends.

Friends, so many people know about the router but most of the people do not know about the difference between Router and Modem. The main cause is that in the present time so many updated routers are able to do a lot of performance. So, for using the Internet the same instrument is used and we get internet connection through the router.

Modem VS Router

Because, in the present time, we get so many advantages through the router. As a result, we may think the router is all in one and nothing instruments are required for using the internet. The reason is that we use Wi-Fi by using the present day router, it also helps to share the internet with other device and it is also used in the switch and there is also being a modem through the router because we think that it is a device through which it solves all the internet related matters.

Friends, those who think about this type of concept for those it is a totally wrong concept. A modem is one type of device and router is totally another type of device. The users who have been using the internet for so many years, they know quite well that modem and router are totally different kind of device. But, in present day routers, you will get 2 in 1 facilities. And you will also get the compact of Modem and Router.


Friends, the work of Modem is very simple. Modem generally modifies the Internet connection and also controls it. Suppose, you use the internet by using the “D” SIM and modem separates the signal which comes from the “D” SIM network and helps to connect with the Internet.

The computer device which you have only understood that digital signal and modem is the device which is connected to the computer and then Modem will perform as a bridge which will make a connection in between the digital and analogue signals.

For visiting any website from your device, you have to write the address in your browser and press on the “Enter” button, then the digital signal sends from the PC for connecting the server to your PC.

Here is the Modem’s work in where the digital signal sends from your PC and Modem will change the signal into the analogue. And the network of SIM or broadband by which you are using the internet, through it the analogue signal will send to your desired server and you have requested for the data which will come as an analogue through the Internet career and Modem will convert it into the digital signal and then you will watch your requested data.


The performance of Router is totally different from the modem and the main work of router is to connect the signal from one place to another place.

Once upon a time, there were some devices for using the Internet more than the computer because there were no smart phones and there was no Wi-F etc. such kind of problems.

But, due to the availability of the smartphone, internet technology is so high that you will get the device that you can use one or more internet. And the router is a device which scatters the signals which come from the modem.

There are two types of the router where one is Wireless router i.e. without wire router and the wired router i.e. wire connected router.

In the present time, there are so many routers. But, the main task of a router is that to distribute signals to the devices which are connected to the router which is collected from the modem. Suppose, you visit in the from your phone, but, you have watched that has opened in your laptop or you have visited from your Laptop but you have seen that the Facebook has opened on your mobile phone. The main task of a router is that to divide the signals which come from the modem and to supply in your devices such as a computer, laptop, game console or any internet gettable devices.

Every device has separate local IP and how do the routeing signal perform? Where will go the signal from your modem? And the combination of data through the signal: these are the main tasks of a router.

The difference between the modem and the router is very simple. Hopefully, you will understand it quite well. Thank you so much for reading this tutorial. Hopefully, you like this tutorial.

How is it? If you have any query, then please throw your comments. You can also share this tutorial on your Facebook wall. Because, if you share your knowledge, then you will get the respect. Take care. I will see you in the next tutorial. Bye.

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