Hi Guys! how are you all? I am fine. Today I am going to describe you Modern Technology Related 5 English Blog Sites. If you find technology related blog site’s name then Shoutmeloud, chop news, tech talkies, more some popular blog including favourite tech come in front of us. These blogs are one of the best controllers of making digital Bangladesh. To keep ourselves update we need to read these blogs, side by side we also need to read some blogs of English language. Which sites will lay ahead from others by giving new information. There is update information in these sites about discussed subjects in present technology. Like big data, human augmentation, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, cyber security etc. Let’s introduce with some English technology related blog sites.

  1. GIZMODO:-

The first Modern Technology Related English Blog Site is GIZMODO. Peter Rojas established this blog in 2002. Here this article was published in 9 languages. The tagline of this blog is- “we come from the future”. In present, it is 544 no website of the world.

Daily almost 150 tunes are published here. Almost 30 lakhs men visit this site daily. The latest and reliable information on technology is published here.


2. Techcrunch:-

The Secnd Modern Technology Related English Blog Site is Techcrunch. Michael Yeringter and Kith Tier established this popular blog in 2005. Here the article is published in English and Japanese language.

There are almost six and a half million followers of Techcrunch in Twitter. It is 511 no site of this present world. This institution has the fame for working with tech start up. Daily almost 14 lakhs men visit this site.


3. GigaOM:-

Third Modern Technology Related English Blog Site is GigaOM. Om Malik established Gigaom in 2006. Om Malik is also a popular writer. This blog has six and half million unique readers. Research based articles are found here more.

Many new ideas, news of technology are found here.



The fourth one is.Cyberciti. Linux based the most popular blog is Cyberciti. The previous name of this is- nixcraft.com. It establishes in 2002.

Basic, command, virtualization, review etc. a big collection of Linux will be found here. Those who are interested with open source and side by side those who are experts for them this site is very useful.


5. ZDNet:-

And last but not the list Modern Technology Related English Blog Site is ZDNet It is established in 1991 with business technology. Chants of ZDNet is so funny “Where technology means business”. 8 of the world’s 10 richest men are connected with the IT business.

So we have no opportunity to disagree with them. Daily almost 7 lakhs men visit this site. Are you one among that 7 lakhs people?



How is this article about Modern Technology Related 5 English Blog Sites? Please comment in our comment box. And please stay with us. If you stay with us, promise you, we never disappoint you. Thank you for reading my article.

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