Narutoget was one of our my favorite site from a long time, but it has been Banned a few years ago since they did not have rights to their content and their host their site on some general hosting such as GoDaddy or Hostgator. The fanbase for Anime has grown significantly. When it comes to the best anime of all time, then nothing can beat to watch Free Narutoget Boruto & Naruto Online.

We Know that It is one of the favorite anime series especially teenagers. Although the website ban from google you can still watch free hundreds of anime movies and TV series online with Narutoget. So, whenever you need to cool and relax your mind and watch something entertaining and interesting, Narutoget Boruto & Naruto Episodes are always the best choice for you.

Narutoget Boruto Naruto

About Narutoget

Naruto was first launched in 2002 and continued to air till 2007. After Naruto, Naruto: Shippuden took place of it in 2007 and has been running since then. Narutoget dedicated to the whole series of our favorite Naruto. Narutoget offers you to watch all the episodes of Naruto free of cost.

It contains about 700 episodes of Naruto combing the original Boruto series and Naruto: simply go to Narutoget and start watching this amazing amine.

But still, people and fans love to watch the whole episodes of original Naruto as well as the new one. But as the original Naruto suspended by google running in 2007 the only way to watch the episodes is to watch them online.

Why Narutoget is it not working?

There are a huge number of speculations pertaining to the ban, and the important ones turn out to be the registration issues, illegal streaming, and financial constraints.

Not sure about the first and the third one, but, the second one is the sure-shot reason. Narutoget did not have the legal permission to stream that content. It was partly considered as piracy, and the site was banned.

However, there are a few Narutoget alternatives sites, from where you can download or watch your favorite Boruto & Naruto Online anime series and watch them for endless hours.

Narutoget Boruto is it not working

Where can you watch all the episodes of Naruto & Baruto?

But now the question is What happened to the official website of NARUTOGET.COM? where can you find all the episodes of Naruto & Baruto? Which website offers you to watch the whole Naruto series online free of cost? Below are the few things Narutoget offers free of cost. Well, if you ask us, then I have a perfect answer and that is Narutoget.

Features Of Narutoget

Userfriendly Interface

Let’s start with the ease of use of Narutoget. The website takes care of its users. The user-friendly interface has made it quite easier to browse and watch Naruto & Baruto episodes. So, while landing to the official page You won’t face any issue while finding your favorite Naruto episode in Narutoget.

It is simple, clean and user-friendly to attraction user interest. Even the new users can easily get the site with ease. All the main buttons and the links are given at the main menu bar and you can search and find the desired Naruto & Baruto episode without any problem.

English Dubbed NarutoGet Naruto

The site also contains the English dubbed Naruto episodes which you can watch free online.

There is not even a single episode of Naruto left in the English dubbed anime section. This is quite a helpful feature for the people whose mother language is not Japanese.

High-Quality Videos

The Best is that you can watch free Narutoget Naruto episodes in HD quality. You won’t have to compromise with the quality of your favorite any anime episodes. You can enjoy the clear and HD quality of the anime videos.


Moreover, Narutoget has much more to offer. You can also watch NarutoSD without paying a single penny. There are 220  Naruto Shippuden episodes on Narutoget to watch free online.

Naruto Manga

Do you one of those who wants to Love to read Naruto Manga chapters? If yes, then here is good news for you all. Narutoget also allows you to read Naruto Manga chapters. There are 700 Naruto chapters on NarutoGet.

When you click the Naruto manga button from the top bar menu, it will give the link to all the Naruto Manga Chapters along with their names. The Manga chapters the reader is outstanding.

You can jump to the next page just by matching the right side of the page or simply select the page number from the page selector which is available at the top and jump to any chapter.

How To Watch Free Narutoget Boruto & Naruto Episodes Online

Now let’s dive into the main guide on how to watch free Naruto & Baruto episodes online with Narutoget. Fortunately, there is nothing complicated in the process of watching free episodes of Narutoget Baruto & Naruto online With Narutoget. Here are all the steps of the same.

Below are the few things Narutoget offers free of cost. Well, if you ask us, then I have a perfect answer and that is Narutoget.

  1. The first thing you need to head to the official website of Narutoget Unblocked.
  2. On the home page, you see a top menu bar containing all the options to choose from.
  3. Now, simply click on the Watch Naruto English Dubbed and for watching the dubbed ones.
  4. Simply click on the episode that you want to watch.
  5. It will redirect you to another page where the Naruto episode will start streaming and you can watch the episode without any hassle.


Guide to Watching Naruto Shippuden Without Filler

Cons of Narutoget:

Everything about the website is almost perfect. But there is one con of this site.

  1. When you click on any link to watch the Naruto episodes, it will automatically download a link on your system. It is more careful to cancel those unwanted downloads, which can harm your system badly. Otherwise, Naruto is a great place to watch Baruto and Naruto episodes stream online.
  2. They have a lot of ads and are too bloated
  3. Most of them even have popup ads that my uBlock Origin can’t even block.


This was all about Narutoget which allows you to watch free Narutoget Naruto and Baruto episodes online. I hope you like this post having any quarries feel free to drop your comments down in the comments section.

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