LoginWP Pro Nulled (formerly Peter’s Login Redirect) allows you to set redirect rules for specific users, users with specific roles, users with specific powers, and a blanket rule for all other users. Also, set a redirect URL for post-registration. Redirect users to various pages after they LoginWP Pro Nulled based on situations such as their usernames, roles, and abilities.

LoginWP Pro Nulled (Formerly Peter’s Login Redirect) Free Download

Plugin LoginWP PRO contains many fields to change the settings in the WordPress login page layout. You can completely change the appearance of the login page, even login error messages, forgotten error messages, registration error messages, password hint messages, and much more. Add the login page footer, Custom JS, Custom CSS, Custom login error messages, Google reCAPTCHA, Forget form style, login page background etc.

Download LoginWP Pro Nulled

Use pre-made templates which come with LoginWP Pro and design your login page to stand out from the crowd.

Specify a page or URL to redirect users to after they successfully sign up to your WordPress site. Redirect users to different URLs after they log in, log out and register based on various conditions. We integrate with many forms and membership plugins to add support for our login redirect features to their login forms.

Go beyond redirecting your users after they log in based on their username, role, and ability.

Demo LoginWP Pro Nulled Plugin

Nulled LoginWP Pro Free Download

# LoginWP Pro Nulled (Formerly Peter’s Login Redirect) Free Download

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