Do You Know What Nurse Job Makes the Most Money? If Not then I Must say you are at the right place. Nursing careers appeal to so many people because of high levels of job satisfaction, good job prospects, and a high salary. Yet, the title ‘nurse’ applies not only to professionals who take the vital signs of the patients and complete their medical records. Nursing encompasses lots of specialties from pediatric care to teaching, so you can choose the desired career path based on your interests and preferences.

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You probably know that most nursing jobs pay well. Yet, some of the specializations offer truly attractive salaries. In today’s article, you’ll find the top-paying nursing specializations – consider them in the first place if the financial concern is important for you. To compete with the best-paying jobs, you might need professional help in nursing resume writing services, such as At an affordable payment, a resume writer near you can make a high-quality resume that shows your value to the employer.

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What Nurse Job Makes the Most Money

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

As stated by professional nursing resume writers, this job is the highest-paying one among the nursing specialties. These nurses work with doctors and other medical staff, preparing and administering anesthesia given to the patient. This type of clinical care is complex and requires advanced skills that are gained through the Master’s degree and the following exam to get CRNA certified. Yet, your knowledge and efforts will pay off, as CRNAs earn $167,960 on average.

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General Nurse Practitioner

General NP is the most versatile specialization in nursing so you can opt for it if you don’t have other specific interests. These nurses mostly work in family practices, either in primary care settings or as independent practitioners. They educate patients about preventative care and the prescribed treatment, perform physical exams, and order tests. You can work as a general practitioner or advance your skills in one of the specialties further. An average salary is $107,030 per year.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Psychiatric NPs mostly work in mental health facilities or correctional centers. As a rule, they offer emotional, psychological, and mental support and prescribe treatment, guiding their patients to mental wellness. This career is perfect for someone who has an interest in mental health, as it’s extremely rewarding. You need to earn an MSN degree and then get a PNP license in your state. In addition to providing emotional fulfillment, this job pays fairly well with an average of $105,658.

Certified Nurse Midwife

Nurse-midwives offer their services to hospitals, clinics, or as private practitioners. They stay by the mother during the labor and childbirth process, preparing a woman for the process and educate them about their issues and care about the infants. This job is demanding but fulfilling as well, that’s why more male nurses are choosing this specialty, as stated by the best nursing resume writing services. The employment rate for nurse midwives is going to grow, and the salary is currently around $103,770.

Nurse Researcher

If you’d rather move the nursing profession forward than actually work in a hospital, consider a nurse researcher path. They design and implement studies on specific healthcare issues, dieting and exercise, and write articles for medical journals. Their goal is to improve healthcare services, medical treatment, and procedures to benefit the patients. They may work on their own or as part of a research group. This career requires a doctoral degree and pays on average $95,000.

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