Today we will talk about a business model which your mom, sister, and any lady from your house can do Even, you can also do this but according to me it would be better if any women of your house do this business. Complete Guide Online Boutique Business Model In India, Case Study.

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Online Boutique Business Model In India | Case Study

Online Boutique Business Model In India | Case StudyThis is a boutique business but it is not like the same previous one.This Boutique is a digital boutique because we well sell digitally You have seen these types of things many times. So today we will learn how can we take boutique business digitally.

We will only sell Kurtiya’s not any other product like suit and all We will only be specialized in Kuritiya’s with a price range of 400-800, If you go lower then the quality of the product will be compromised and if you go beyond this price range then you will target class people and sales will be fewer.

So with this price range, we will target college going girls we can also target those who are students or teenage girls If we look at the survey so most of the people in our country are youth And 50% of the youth are females.

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So there are high chances of the product being sold and the market size is also big
But there is the only condition and that is your product should like the same one as they need. Now, for this, you have to do a Little bit of research and you have to capture college-going students.

For example – If your mom wants to do this business so tell your sister to suggest her about what type of Kurtis girls like And if your sister wants to do this business then she would know what girls like, And if you are a boy and wants to do this business then you should collaborate with someone who knows what girls like.

And who has a good taste Here, we will sell the fast-moving and generic items which girls will like and the product should be affordable to them. Till yet, I was saying you have to make a website or you need to list your product on Amazon or Flipkart. But here yo don’t need to do anything special.

GST Required or Not?

If you want to sell through Amazon or your own e-commerce website then you need a GST number, But we don’t want them to do a high business or which they need a GST number.
We want to make a small business for them through which they can earn 25-30k a month.

Click HD Quality Pictures

I will also tell you how you can take this business to the next level Now you need to click good pictures in HD quality of your Kurti. You can also click through your phone and then post those pictures on your Instagram and Facebook market place.

Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Don’t forget to join your Instagram page with your FB market place, Whenever you open the Facebook application you will see a “shop” icon on the upper side where you can upload and list your products so that feature is called Facebook marketplace.

There you can also target a new type of audience. Also, This is feature launched recently.
So, there are chances that Facebook will also try to promote your product And your business will grow fast

Second, you are posting good photos on Instagram. I have told you how to use the Facebook market place. Facebook Market place is just like the OLX so if anybody wants to buy something from his nearby place so FB will show him/her your product. Along with that, you can also list your product on OLX. OLX and Facebook market place works in the same way. If anybody wants to buy something so he will search and all the products will be shown to him on the screen.

But on Instagram, we will have to find those types of people who will like our product
And only those people should follow us. There is a hack of doing this thing organically.

For example – I am a digital marketer and I post things related to it. Now How I will find those people who like Digital marketing?

Secret Trick Enplaned

The first way is I will open my competitor’s account and follow all those people who had liked their post. and most of those people whom I followed will visit my account and if they like my product so they will buy it.

Now the second option is using relevant # hashtags. For example, I will search #Digital marketing now If anyone used this hashtag then I will click on him Now I will like his post and he will get notifications so he will visit my profile and if he likes my product then it will be sold.

The third way is there is an extension ever liker which will do the same thing for you
You have to fill specific hashtags there and he will like all those posts which used that specific hashtags. And what Instagram does is he will block your profile if you keep liking the post of a number of people at the same time

After that, you won’t be able to like those post. So you need to do this work yourself rather than telling your mom or sister to do.

You need to add “Ever liker” extension on your chrome and log in your Instagram ID and fill specific hashtag and enable it. What I do is I enable Hashtag digital marketing course. So whoever uses that hashtag so the extension will like all those people from my ID automatically.

Right now they are offering 700 free likes per day, If you want to upgrade so you have pay but right now the free version is enough for you. Now you need to pick a specific hashtag which your competitors are using Or else you can also follow those people who are following a good fashion model. So they will visit our profile and will buy our product if they like it.

Our product is also reasonable and we are targeting youth and along with the even our product also looks good Now there will be an extra price and that is shipping,. Its all up to you whether you want to include the price exclude it.

You can also offer like buy 2 Kurtis and shipping will be free Or the second option you can ask from your nearby courier partners like Blue dart and all. You can ask them prices which varies from places to places. They will give you a sheet so keep that sheet to yourself. It will help you to clear all the customer queries regarding the price.

Or you can also charge a fixed flat price like 50, 60 or 70 But if you are those types of guys who have money and wants to grow his business fast so you can run paid ads. Now what I can do is I can boost my best Kurti and show that product to all those people around my area or in overall Delhi who like Kurtis.

The second option is showing your product to all the college-going girls Now the same thing will happen that I just told you before that they will check out your profile after seeing your ad and if they like your product then they will buy it, When you achieved 20 lakh sales per annul then apply for a GST number. because then it is mandatory After getting a GST number.

Now you also start selling on Amazon and after getting good results from Amazon as well as then you can make your own E-commerce website when you think you are getting sales of rupees 1cr or 2cr According to me, you shouldn’t make an E-commerce store in this category at least in Initial days of your business.

Because Amazon itself will do all the marketing and on Instagram, you can handle all the marketing part if you want to For this business model, it is not better to make your own E-commerce store but still if you want to do so do it but in the long term you will be in loss
But if you getting good sales so that you can easily spend 15-20k a year on your website then you can simply make an e-commerce website.

In that branding website, you can write about your company, products and your customer’s reviews that’s it. Now one more big suggestions and that only accepts prepaid orders
You can also post products from your nearby boutique But make sure that the product will also be available in the future. It shouldn’t be like you get the order and they have already sold that product and now you are unable to fulfill it.

You can become their channel partner if they have a large number of quantity You bough Kurtis from them at 200 or 400 and then you can sell that product through your account by adding your profit. Now these little profits are going to become a huge profit.

But, how I am able to tell you all these things because one of my MBA friends did the same thing in the same way that I am telling you and she builds a big business. She used to post on OLX, Instagram and go to meetings and exhibitions to get more ideas.

Now she has its own boutique store and she calls himself a boutique owner and her business has a big turnover and makes a good profit. So if you and your mom or sister wants to do this business so it is my recommendations.

Final Words:

I personally believed that if any women earn a good amount then she doesn’t have to ask for something from anyone. Along with that her confidence and self-esteem will also improve. Now, don’t start fighting over this topic because this is my point of view. If you Like this post Don’t forget to like, comment and share this article to all those who need to read this.

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