How to Recall any sent Whatsapp Message After 7 Minutes

Hello Everyone, Are you searching for How to
Recall or Delete any sent WhatsApp message after 7 minutes ? If yes then We techTalkies365 team must say you are at the right post. Today in this post we are going to share the Easiest Way to Delete Any Whatsapp Message After 7 Minutes. This New Trick will allow you to delete Whatsapp message after 7 minutes from both sides within 7 minutes of sending. So, If you have sent anyone a message by mistakenly and now want to delete that message after seven minutes then In this guide you will learn the method to Delete Whatsapp message after 7 minutes for everyone.

Everyone knows, Giant Messenger Company Whatsapp Is one of the biggest and most used social messaging application in the world. Do You know Why this messenger company is so big and popular all over the world? The main reason is its ease of use.

Recall Delete Whatsapp Message After 7 Minutes

Anyone can use Whatsapp without having any proper knowledge. The most awaited feature of Whatsapp is now users can recall or Delete sent Whatsapp messages within a time period of 7 minutes. But in this guide today we will show you How to Delete Whatsapp Message after 7 minutes.

Recall or Delete sent Whatsapp Messages within a time period of 7 minutes

So Everyone Knows that we can now delete Sent Whatsapp messages in two ways. 2 options. 1st On is simple to delete message option and the 2nd one is Delete message for everyone from both side under 7 minutes.

New Trick to Recall Any Sent Whatsapp Message After 7 Minutes

But Here is the issue that Whatsapp users cant delete those send messages which they sent before 7 minutes. Delete message for everyone option gets deactivated If it cross 7 minutes. but Dont worry guys, in this Article, we will show you Guide to Delete Whatsapp Message after 7 Minutes for everyone.

Guide to Delete Any Whatsapp Message After 7 Minutes New Trick

  1. First of All Download this Whatsapp “Download Now
  2. Next, Install the app as normal APK [it is 100% Secure]
  3. After that open the Whatsapp and Get Backup or recover your old messages.
  4. Now Just text or send any file or images, GIF, Video Whatever you want to Anyone and Wait for 7 minutes.
  5. After 7 minutes of sending a message, Just TAP and hold on the Message and you will Get 2 options
  6. Now You need to Tap on Delete for Everyone to delete from both sides.
  7. This will Delete your Sent Whatsapp Message even after 7 Minutes

Method to Recall Sent Whatsapp Message after 7 minutes

You can Also Recall whatsapp Message after 7 minutes. This application allows you to recall sent message any time from both sides Follow the below steps to delete sent messages from whatsapp easily anytime.

  • To Recall Whatsapp message after 7 minutes tap on 3 Dots menu
  • After you will see a Recall text option.
  • Now you will see that your Whatsapp Message has been recalled even after 7 minutes.
    That’s All !! 

So this was our steps on How to Recall or Delete sent any WhatsApp message after 7 minutes, I hope this method will help you and if you have any quarries feel free to write down in the comments section below.

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