Are You Searching For Best Method to Send A FAX Online Right From Your PC, Mobile or Email? However, It is very easy For Sending Fax Online. In this Post, We Are going to explain step by step in details how to do fax online easily. Faxing can be a taxing task considering the paraphernalia of turning on and preparing the fax machine. The constant follow-ups about the prospective fax can further take a toll on your patience level with the device. Your frustration with the fax machine is understandable, but why are you using a machine?

You can learn more from here about how you can not only send but also receive fax online, without a fax machine. Fax machines only end up occupying your desk space, now they have evolved into an entire virtual set up. 

How to Send A Fax Online? (From PC, Mobile or Email)

How to Send A Fax Online

If you have still been wondering about Method For Sending Fax Online, you need to be introduced to Google Fax Free. It suggests a virtual fax exchange platform in the form of CocoFax that allows you the potential of faxing through multiple methods, without ever touching a fax machine.  

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Google Fax Free- Faxing through CocoFax

CocoFax is a brilliant virtual fax provider. It has all the benefits of a traditional fax system minus the infrastructure required for it. It totally eliminates the dependency on office infrastructural support for faxes. 

It also allows a sense of liberty, dynamism and flexibility to its users. You can send a fax in a totally remote set up. All you need is a CocoFax subscription and all your faxing worries will just dissolve in thin air.

If you are not sure of a commitment in the form of a subscription, CocoFax also offers a 30 day free trial. Unlike other apps that claim to be free, but are actually not, CocoFax states what it delivers. No out worldly promises or quotes, just sheer performance.

The 30 day trial period can be a good run to understand the functioning and interface of this application. It performs on multiple fronts, with each front outperforming the other. You do not have to rely or depend upon one traditional methodology. 

The fax procedures have evolved and so should you. Below are the ways in which CocoFax ensures sending out of a fax online, with no machine interface:

Send a Fax through Email

When you obtain a CocoFax subscription, you get the potential of sending out faxes through emails. You can use your gmail account, yahoo mail account, outlook, etc. to send out faxes. This is the most simple process to send a fax online. 

This is a popular phenomenon as it requires the bare minimum to send an email. You just need to add as a suffix to the fax number. No further requirements. Your document that needs to be faxed can be attached in docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg formats.

Despite the mode of the document that you attach to your mail, it will be received as a pdf only by the recipient. The body of your email and subject is irrelevant. It will only appear as a cover letter. You can skip that step if you wish to do so. 

Just by your email, you can send a fax to a fax machine. CocoFax acts like a connecting device in this case. It makes two fundamentally different modes (digital and telephonic) interact with each other seamlessly. 

Fax through CocoFax Dashboard

The subscription to CocoFax also allows you to access the web dashboard of this renowned application. It is very efficient and handy in its usage.  All faxes sent and received are saved in pdf formats in this dashboard. 

How to Send a Fax Online

This platform provides you an insight into the faxes that you have sent over and received.  It also essentially creates a log of each fax sent and received. If you seek a report on the volume and type of faxes sent out, the dashboard can provide you the same. 

Fax through Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office 365 is also a very popular mode of sending faxes online. As Microsoft Office is quite holistic in nature, it enables usage of CocoFax’s services on multiple fronts. Firstly comes the email service from Outlook. 

As mentioned before, using the suffix can enable users to send faxes online from outlook. This process also ensures an email confirmation of the delivery. The attachments are compatible with docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg formats but are received in pdf.

Microsoft Office Word documents serve as an active source of sending fax. CocoFax can be browsed through and added as an add-on to the word document. By doing this, it appears as a ribbon on the word document. 

When a word document needs to be sent as a fax, the ribbon can be clicked on and it will lead to the CocoFax dashboard. A reconfirmation of sending the fax will be sought again and once confirmed, the fax will be sent online immediately.

Fax through Google Drive

CocoFax makes it possible to fax through google drive. Google Drive serves as a home for a plethora of important documents. Transferring documents from google drive to the compatible source of sending out fax could be troublesome. 

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How to Send a Fax Online From Google Drive

CocoFax allows sending faxes directly through Google Drive. It saves a lot of time and effort to directly send off a document and not sub transfer it to another source. 

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Fax through Windows and Smartphone 

Some people do not prefer using newer versions of windows, just because the old ones are so handy. Most applications make themselves extremely with newer versions of softwares, compromising their effectiveness with older versions. 

Smartphones have become so handy in the current scenario that people are inseparable from their phones. If smartphones can act as active modes of sending out faxes, that would definitely make a dream come true. 

This dream is realized through CocoFax. You can use smartphones to use the application or the web browser or emails to send out the fax online. 


You can learn more from here about how incredibly efficient CocoFax is as a digital fax sending platform. It ensures all necessary deliverables and reliability expected out of a virtual document exchange platform. 

Generally, the security is compromised in online message exchange formats, but CocoFax is as reliable as a platform should be. So, you do not need to bother about how to send a fax online from a fax exchange as quintessential as CocoFax. 

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