Send Wechat Tips: Apple and WeChat have come to a new Mutual Understanding concerning Wechat tips feature. In the past, Apple might have had a tough time understanding China-specific features. But, Now, Chinese iPhone users will once again be conceded to send Tips through popular platform app WeChat.

Send Wechat Tips From iPhone in China | Tipping Feature

Send Wechat Tips From iPhone in China  Tipping Feature

Apple, Join Mutual Understanding Over WeChat Tips Feature in China

Apple, Join Mutual Understanding Over WeChat Tips Feature. But, Apple wasn’t so happy that various services had turned to third-party companies to facilitate the tips feature, thus bypassing Apple’s own in-app purchases system.

Bypassing Apple’s own system, users will no longer have to pay Apple the 30% cut from in-app purchases.

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Apple and Wechat Tips are a popular way for Chinese social network users to pay content creators, but Apple refused at allowing such transactions with third-party payment systems.

The company first required in-app payments that bypass the App Store’s payment device stopped last year.

A month later, Apple updated their policies to allow tipping features with in-app purchases. It has been speculated that the deal Apple made with Tencent is probably slightly different from the policy they enacted in the App Store.

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