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Hello Friends, Are you looking for Top 5 Education Board in India?, Then we must say you land on the right post. Today I am going to share Top Five Best Education Board in India that you should know. If you don’t understand What is Education Board let me explain in simple, A Boards in Indian School Committee is the title of the board of the directors or the board of governors of a school, the local school district or higher administrative level. The selected council helps to manage the educational policy in a small regional area, includes a city, county, state or province. It regularly shares control with a larger institution, such as the government’s department of the education. Also Read: BEST GOVERNMENT B.ED TRAINING COLLEGES OF WEST BENGAL

The Indian Government has Recognised the Following Boards of Education:

—–Recognized School Education Boards in India——

  1. Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education
  2. Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education
  3. Andhra Pradesh Open School Society
  4. Assam Board of Secondary Education
  5. Assam Higher Secondary Education Council
  6. Assam State Open School
  7. Bihar Board of Open Schooling & Examination
  8. Bihar School Examination Board
  9. Board of Higher Secondary Education Delhi (BHSE)
  10. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
  11. Central Board of Education Ajmer New Delhi
  12. Chhattisgarh Secondary Board of Education
  13. Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE)
  14. Council Of Secondary Education Mohali (CSE Mohali)
  15. Goa Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education
  16. Gujarat Secondary Education Board
  17. Gujarat State Open School
  18. Haryana Board of School Education
  19. Gujarat State Open School
  20. Haryana State Open School
  21. Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education
  22. Himachal Pradesh State Open School
  23. Indian Board of School Education
  24. Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education
  25. Jammu and Kashmir State Open School
  26. Jharkhand Academic Council
  27. Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board
  28. Kerala Higher Secondary Examination Board
  29. Kerala State Open School
  30. Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education
  31. Madhya Pradesh State Open School
  32. Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education
  33. Meghalaya Board of School Education
  34. Mizoram Board of School Education
  35. Nagaland Board of School Education
  36. National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)
  37. Odisha Board of Secondary Education
  38. Odisha Council of Higher Secondary Education
  39. Punjab School Education Board
  40. Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education
  41. Rajasthan State Open School
  42. Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education
  43. Telangana Board of Intermediate Education
  44. Telangana Board of Secondary Education
  45. Tripura Board of Secondary Education
  46. Board of High School and Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh
  47. Uttarakhand Board of School Education
  48. West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education
  49. West Bengal Board of Primary Education
  50. West Bengal Board of Secondary Education
  51. West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education
  52. West Bengal Council of Rabindra Open Schooling
  53. Uttar Pradesh Board of Secondary Education

Top 5 Education Board in India Famous School Institution

The Local school boards are elected or irregularly appointed to best the leaders and the champions for the public education in their states and the agreements. The most important duty of the school boards is to work with their communities to raise the student success in their local public schools. Keeping an education board for the child is one of the most significant matters for the parents. Many of the parents are ignorant of the risk included in sending their children to obscure and unrecognized functional boards of the school education. So, By thinking all over the matter, we have listed out the Top 5 Education Board in India.

1. The Tamil Nadu State Board (TNSB)

Education Board in India
Education Board in India

The Tamil Nadu Board of the Secondary Education, founded in the year 1910 and is under the investigation of the Department of Education, the Government of Tamil Nadu, in India. Up to and the ending at the secondary, class 10 level, the resulting currents of the education are offered: the SSLC that is a stream, the Anglo-Indian stream, which is the (OSLC) or Oriental School Leaving Certificate stream and the Matriculation stream. And for the 11 and 12, there is a single combined stream which is leading of the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC).

The Tamil Nadu State Board of the School Examination assesses the students’ progress by conducting the 2 board examinations-one at the end of class 10 and the other at the end of level 12. The results from the class 12 board examinations are used by the schools to decide the eligibility and as a cut-off for the admissions into their programs. The control of the board increases it to the schools located in the state of Tamil Nadu. The Schools can decide to associate themselves to the Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education or the other boards-the CBSE or the ICSE-that are allowed to conduct the Class 10 or secondary and class 12 or higher secondary in the final examinations and present the award certificates to the successful candidate.

2. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Education Board in India
Education Board in India

This Board observed a rapid growth and the development at the level of Secondary education which appears in the enhanced quality and the standard of education in schools. But with the arrival of the State Universities and State Boards in the different parts of the country, the authority of the Board was limited only to states of Ajmer, Bhopal and Vindhya Pradesh later.

As a result of this, in the year1952, the organization of the Board was changed wherein its control was increased to the part-C, & Part-D territories & the Board was given its present name as the “Central Board of Secondary Education”. It was in the year of the1962 least that the Board was reconstituted. The primary objectives of this education board were those of – serving the educational systems more effectively, to be sensitive to the educational needs of those students whose parents were employed in the Central Government and had the ordinarily interchangeable jobs.

3. Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE)

Education Board in India
Education Board in India

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education that is the ICSE examinations are administered for the class 10 board examinations, besides the intended for implementing the education under the category of the general knowledge and also following the New Education Policy, in the year 1986 in India with the English as a medium of instruction. The Private students are not permitted to appear in for the examinations, and thus, the candidates are accepted only through their schools, which in turn is affiliated to the CISCE board of education.

The ICSE Board administers examinations for the class 10th through many associated governments and the private schools across India. All the students can easily find out and download the question papers of History Subject. Besides, the candidates can get a report on the updates, marking schemes and the answer sheets of History Examination. In all the subjects and the other than science and the computers, students have to submit their works because at the end the marks of the student’s achievement which also include their ability marks. The ICSE Board in India is considerably robust than the other boards. The Students cannot be relying only upon the textbooks, but they need to prepare more.

4. Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE)

Education Board in India
Education Board in India

The CISCE or Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations that is a private, and the public board of the school education in India. It leads the 2 examinations in India: namely, (ICSE) “the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education” and (ISC) “the Indian School Certificate). The CISCE was set up in the year 1956 at the meeting of the Inter-State Board for the Anglo-Indian Education. A plan was adopted for the setting up of an Indian Council to give the University of the Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate’s Examinations in India.

It is an all-India, but not a government board unlike the names of CBSE and NIOS. It is based in the New Delhi. The education board of CISCE does not allow the private candidates, and they must come only through the English medium schools who affiliated to the CISCE. The evidence of the examination is the English, but the Indian language paper. At the end of the investigation, the marks out of 100 are given in each subject, and a separate pass certificate is given which including the similar grades like almost in the all other Indian school boards.

5. Uttar Pradesh Board of High School and Intermediate Education (UPHESC)

Education Board in India

The Uttar Pradesh Board of High School and Intermediate Education is the most considerable examining body in the World, the Uttar Pradesh Board of High School & Intermediate Education began in the year of 1922. Uttar Pradesh a few secondary schools are being given by (ICSE) & the (CBSE), but in the most of the Secondary schools seek the care of the UP Board. At present, there are about 9121 secondary schools are recognized by the UP Board of High School and Intermediate Education.

This Board was set up at the Allahabad in the year of 1921 by an act of the United Provinces Legislative Council. It is sent its 1st examination in the year 1923. This Board is one in India which is, from the very start, it had used 10+2 system of the study. The first public examination after the ten years of education is the High School Examination, and it is after the 10+2 examination finished, there is the Standard Examination. Earlier in the year of 1923, The University of Allahabad was the examining body of these two examinations.

Final Words:

Hope this post is helpful for you. So, these are The Top Five Education Boards in India which has the significant role in increasing their performances to the students of 10th and 12th and complimenting them with the awards certificates. If You have any quarries or asking is persist then please feel free to drop your comment on your viewpoints.

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