Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Phone Number Verification

Hey, Guys Are you looking for How to Create unlimited facebook accounts Without Phone Number Verification or new numbers? Most of we want to learn the tricks to create unlimited facebook accounts without entering a same or new number? is not? Are you one of them?, If yes we must say in this tutorial I am going to share Pro tricks to make multiple FB accounts without new numbers. So, all you need to do is just follow the complete post from the beginning to the end and follow step by step all the process as mentioned below in this article.

As all, we know that Facebook did not allow you to create multiple accounts using the same number. If you create more than one Facebook accounts, then it will force you to verify your registered mobile number. is not it? So, thinking all over the matter Today I am presenting trick for creating Multiple Facebook accounts without new numbers or Gmail accounts. 

How to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Without Phone Number Verification

Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Without Phone Number Verification
Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Without Phone Number Verification

Recruitments For Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Without New Numbers

  • A Rooted Android Device
  • Donkey Guard app

Download Facebook Social Toolkit Premium For Free (Chrome Extension)

So in this post, you’ll learn about how to Snoof Facebook and Create Multiple Facebook Accounts without using Phone Verification or Gmail ID. So follow Below easy steps for Create Unlimited /Multiple Facebook accounts without Phone Number.

Why We Need Multiple or Unlimited Facebook Accounts?

  • To Advertise our website or Blog in Different Facebook Groups.
  • Use in Recharge apps like Gaana. Many More

Steps for Create Unlimited/Multiple Facebook Accounts without New Numbers

So Guys, Simply Follow these below easy steps right now for creating unlimited Facebook Accounts from one device easily without any blocking or ban issues.

Step 1. At First Install Opera Mini Browser and Open it.

Step 2. Now open

Step 3. Next, Tap on Create New Account Button

Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Without Phone Number Verification

Step 4. Enter any Random Female Name, Date Of Birth, Choose Gender as Female.

Step 5. Now Open This Temporary Email Site –

Step 6. Select any Name and you Will get new Email from there instantly. [Don’t Close This Site]

Step 7. Copy the Email and past it on Facebook Sign up Page, enter any Password and Tap on Sign Up.

Step 8. Now you will get Verification Code on Temporary Email Site, check the email address.

Step 9. Enter that Code on Facebook Page and you will get your First Account.

Get Auto Likes on Facebook page or Facebook Status

How to Make Multiple/Unlimited Facebook Accounts?

By Following the above-given steps, you can create one Facebook Account on your device, for creating the unlimited number of Facebook accounts from your same android device, you have to follow the below easy steps.

Step 1. First of all, go to setting and Clear Data of Opera Mini Browser.

Step 2. Open Donkeyguard Android app and change values of opera mini like Imei, Device id.

Step 3. Now Change the Android Id With This Guide – Android Id Change Guide.

Step 4. After Successfully Change Android Id, Reconnect your Internet Connection (This will change your Ip)

Step 5. Now, Repeat Above Process again and again and Enter New Temporary Mail.

You can create Unlimited Facebook Accounts in this way as much as you want.

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Hope you enjoy this post about Tricks to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Phone Number Verification. Having any quarries feel free to drop your comments below in the comments section. Please share this post with your friends also don’t forget to subscribe this site.

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