Make Any Android Phone Into Apple iPhone X 10 [2018]

So do you want to Turn any android phone look like iPhone x, iPhone 10? If yes then we must say are at the right post. Today we are here with the guide to Change looks of any android phone to look like iPhone x iPhone 10. Now you can Turn your Android phone to an iPhone X without running iOS! You don’t need to install ios on android or get ios on android all you need to do is Follow the complete steps given below to Transform Android To iPhone x or iPhone 10, ios 11.

Methods to Transform Android To iPhone x In Just 1 Minute

Trick to Turn Any Android Phone Into iPhone X, iPhone 10

Apple took things to the whole New Level with the iPhone X, which features even larger notch where you can find Cameras, Speakers, mind-blowing features and other things as well.

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So, Do you want to Feel the Same thing on your Android Smartphone as well? Yeah!!!

Well, if that’s the case, then we have got you covered as in this post we would tell you How to Turn any Android Smartphone look like iPhone X or ios 10

So without going forward, let’s dive to the main Guide on Android to iPhone X Making Trick 2018

How to Make Any Android Phone Same Like iPhone X 2018

So in order to make your Android Smartphone look like Apple’s iPhone X, follow these Steps Carefully:

Step 1. First of all, make sure that your Android Smartphone has enough storage space available to install the given below app.

Step 2. Next, Download and Install Smartphone upgrader 2017 from Google Play Store on your Android Smartphone.

Step 3. Once the App is installed Successfully, Open it.

Step 5. Now tap on Enable Permission.

Step 6. Give App the Permissions and Congratulation!! you have successfully turn your android into iPhone x.

If you are getting any problem while installing iPhone Theme on your android smartphone then this video will help you to turn your android device into iPhone x or iPhone10.

Video on How to Transform any Android Phone into iPhone X iPhone 10

Now you’ll find that the same notch like iPhone x is added to the top of your Android Smartphone’s Screen and now the corners of the Screen are also rounded just like iPhone X. The End Results may not look great on your Android Smartphone, but still, the App is worth a try. You can uninstall the app anytime to turn iPhone x Look to Android smartphone.


So we hope this guide helped you to Turn Any android phone look like iPhone x. having any quarries feel free to drop your comments below in the comments section. Please share this video on social media with your friends.

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