UC Browser Removed Download Google Play Store: Hello! Everyone. Do you know Why UC Browser Removed Download From Google Play Store? Let me explain. Today is the very sad day for the UC Browser fans, and very Good news for those who have the slogan, “Go Away China and Build Digital India“. After so many arguments and discussions, the famous, UC Browser has been mysteriously removed yesterday from the Google Play Store for “misleading promotions”. If you search on play store then you can see the mobile-friendly version of the web browser is not available in the Google mobile store right now. Let me explain why the app has been eliminated and some great reasons why you should not use UC Browser on Android.

Why UC Browser Removed Download Google Play Store?

Why UC Browser Removed Download From Google Play Store
Why UC Browser Removed Download Google Play Store

About UC Browser APK:

UC Browser was a mobile browser owned by Alibaba Group of China and produced by the UC Web. Originally started in April 2004 and has been removed from Play Store yesterday 14th Nov 2017.

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Which Are The Things That Made UC Browser So Popular?

Just weeks after the app topped 500 million downloads on Google’s mobile store. As well as being a randomly popular choice to Google Chrome in its home region, UC Browser became most favorite mobile browser and the 6th most downloaded Android app in India. The app is famous because it comes pre-installed and it offers a lot of features which are not present in google chrome or any other browser.

Why The UC Browser App Has Been Removed From The Play Store

Why UC Browser Removed Download From Google Play Store

As part of a comprehensive research into data security, the Indian government officially expressed concerns that the UC Browser app remains to collect this data after it has been completely uninstalled, per a Times of India report.

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1. Most of the famous anti-malware organization such as Malwarebytes detected UC Browser as a Trojan virus and Adware by Users and many security tools.

2. According to Qualys SSL Lab test, UC Browser vulnerability – Logjam, FREAK and POODLE vulnerability is found in this browser.

Reasons Why You Should Not Use UC Browser

Why UC Browser Removed Download Google Play Store
Why UC Browser Removed Download Google Play Store

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So now, the fans are thinking why was it removed after all this time and after so many downloads? here are the reasons below.

1. Malicious UC Browser contains tons of irritating and abusive ads.

NOTE: If you allow all the permissions to this UC Browser on your Android or iPhone, Your contact list and messages could be used for targeted advertising.

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2. The news which comes in the is so fake that you can’t even trust a single one. Mostly redirects the traffic towards adult sites by the type of news they produce.

3. The app asks you for every permission that can get to access your device. for example Needs permission of your contacts, phone, location, camera, mic, storage. From which it should actually not ask permissions for contacts and phone.

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4. Even the app is leaking your Internet surfing details, like private data of Web sites you visit, search details and mobile subscriber and device numbers, your liked pages, clicked images, Videos you watch, keywords you types, Personal detail, signed websites, and bookmark details to companies and servers.

5. UC Browser is Not Safe if you use this browser your security is at high risk – Because of the malware and unsecured applications get installed itself. Tests Showed that US Browser Should not be Used.

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Example: If you do any banking transactions make sure that you are not using UC browser, this can steal your all personal data and bank card details.

6. The UC Browser app can remain to collect your personal data after it has been uninstalled from your device, per a Times of India report.

7. This app steals user sensitive data and sends back to remote servers in China without the user’s permission.

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My Last Words:

Although UC Browser Mini is still available on play store but those built for less powerful devices. But I do not know how long it will be. Hope you like this article about Why UC Browser Removed Download Google Play Store. If you are still using UC Browser then stop using it. Share this article with friends and family as much as you can and try not use UC Browser applications from now. Thanks for reading.

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