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How to Uncover and Block Unknown Numbers

Uncover and Block Unknown Numbers

If you don’t want to go through the bellyache of dialing *57 after a call, contacting law enforcement to file a police report, and then using that to retrieve caller information from the telephone company, here are some quick and easy ways to get similar information and some instant satisfaction.

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Uncover unknown numbers

1. Use PhoneHistory to Uncover and Block Unknown Numbers

PhoneHistory is a straightforward but comprehensive reverse phone lookup site. Type in the unknown number, and PhoneHistory will return useful information about – you guessed it – that phone number’s history. You’ll get the lowdown on past calls, the location of the caller, their name, and other details that can help you decide whether this is the number you want to call back.

This reverse phone lookup site is notable for its ease of use and its massive database. The site has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, so minimal clicks will get you the information you need fast. And the site consists of a comprehensive database of more than 500 million US cell and landline numbers.

The site is suitable for personal or business use. Whether you need to verify the occasional number or your needs are more heavy-duty, PhoneHistory will meet your needs.

2. Try Whitepages to Uncover Unknown Numbers

Whitepages is an excellent solution for finding out who has called you when you don’t recognize the number. Because the site has been around since the mid-90s, they have experience and a solid reputation to uphold. Their lookup service boasts more than 250 million numbers, including cell numbers.

Looking up a residential or business number should return accurate results quickly because it’s based on the Whitepages. Reputable businesses tend to be listed in the directory to help customers and clients find them.

If you are searching for the details of a cell number, fewer of those will be accessible for free. And if you’re looking for more than basic contact information for residential and landline numbers, you’ll need to sign up for the premium service.

  1. Ask GoogleType a phone number into Google. If it’s a reputable business, the first page of search results will likely show you its website. With Google’s localization algorithms, any phone number that belongs to a brick-and-mortar business is likely to come up very quickly. A virtual business will have a web presence, customer reviews, and other verifiable information.Note that Google is also good at providing you with a caller’s location based on the area code. If you know people in that area or are expecting a call from a business based there, the call may have been legitimate.If you have to dig deep to get information on a number, take that as a red flag. If you’re getting no hits, try typing words like “fraud”, “scam”, or “report.”

If the number does not belong to a well-known business, you may discover informational sites asking users to provide feedback about their interaction with particular numbers. A click on one or two of these links can give you an indication of whether the number belongs to a marketer, a fraudster, or is as yet unknown. You also have the opportunity to add your feedback. You might want to do this if you answered the phone or if they call you repeatedly.

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With a mobile number or a landline number that doesn’t clearly belong to a business, Google might not give the most accurate results. However, it is fast and free. And it puts you in control right away so you can get things done.

Block unknown numbers

  1. Use the Android AppObviously, this only works if you’re using Android. If you’re using an iPhone, check out procedure number 2.For Android users, Google states that some of these steps will only work if you’re running Android 6.0 or later versions.Blocking unknown numbers via the Android app will block all calls from private or unidentified numbers, but you can still get calls from numbers that are not in your contacts.To block unknown numbers:1) Open the phone app, denoted by a telephone icon, as if you were about to make a call.
    2) Tap “More.”
    3) Tap “Settings.”
    4) Choose “Blocked numbers.”
    5) Turn on “Unknown.”

    If you decide to unblock a number:

    1) Open the phone app again.
    2) Tap “More.”
    3) Tap “Settings.”
    4) Choose “Blocked numbers.”
    5) Scroll the list of blocked numbers until you find the one you want to unblock, then tap the cross next to the number and choose “Unblock.”

  2. Send callers to your iPhone to voicemailReputable businesses and people who need to get in touch with you will leave a voicemail if they need to, right? You can filter out a lot of scammers and marketers by directing unknown numbers to voicemail.1) Go to “Settings.”
    2) Select “Phone.”
    3) Choose “Silence Unknown Callers,” or
    4) Choose “Call Blocking & Identification.” Depending on your carrier, you may be able to “Silence Junk Callers” to silence any calls your carrier identifies as potential spam or fraud.
  3. For Landlines – Use the “Do Not Call Registry” and Anonymous Call RejectionTo block some of the telemarketers and potential scammers from your landline phone, use these two methods together.First, add your number to the National Do Not Call Registryby visiting the website. Register the relevant number and give them an email address to confirm the sign-up. Once you are registered, telemarketers must remove your details from their call lists within 31 days.Then, dial *77. This activates Anonymous Call Rejection. When you hear three beeps, this signals that your phone will block any calls that are marked as private, blocked, or anonymous.

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You can do these things quickly to get more information on unknown numbers and block annoying and potentially criminal callers. You may want to investigate other measures to increase your safety, but start with these ones as they are easy to use and pay off quickly.

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