Hello Everyone. Today in this article I am going to tell you a recent update of Using Firefox Developer Edition For Web Design and Web Development. So, just Enjoy the Web Design and Development: A Tremendous Experience.

Benefits of Using Firefox Developer Edition For Web Design and Web Development

Using Firefox Developer Edition For Web Design and Web Development
Using Firefox Developer Edition For Web Design and Web Development


Firefox is a very popular browser. Recently, Firefox has released an Operating System which gets huge popularity. Firefox OS is completely written in Web Language and Firefox has taken an initiative to bring everything inside the web language that has increased their popularity.

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There is another tremendous tool of Firefox which is Firefox Developer Edition (https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/developer/). It was released for the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Mozilla.

Using Firefox Developer Edition For Web Design and Web Development

This version of Firefox is recently released for any 64 bit Windows, Mac, and Linux. So you can use the Firefox Developer Edition easily as you stay in any operating system. Firefox Developer Edition has released mainly for web development.

You will get so many advantages of web code debugging, coding, code view etc. from the Firefox Developer Edition. It will increase your professional developing skill and in this case, you will get a success. You can download the Firefox edition from this link: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/developer/

Latest Features of Firefox Developer Edition For Web Design and Web Development

Using Firefox Developer Edition For Web Design and Web Development
Using Firefox Developer Edition For Web Design and Web Development

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Now, we have watched so many features of Firefox Developer Edition now let’s have a look at why as a web developer you should use it

1.  Web IDE:

The main attraction of Firefox Developer Edition is Web ID. You can run any Web App Creation, Edit Test or Debugging in the Firefox Web Simulator, through it. If you create a web app, then it creates a basic boilerplate for you and apart from it, in addition to this it also creates a boilerplate with a beautiful directory structure for your app. With Web IDE you can connect to Safari, Android Firefox, and Android Chrome etc. with Firefox DevTools.

2. Responsive Design View:

Another funny thing of Firefox Developer Edition is that responsive design view. All of us know about the Responsive Design more or less. By using Firefox Developer Edition, you can easily view or check the responsive design very easily. For watching this, you just press the Ctrl+ Shift+ M button simultaneously. Through which you can easy opportunity to check the option. Such as: the size setting of device, rotate screen setting, simulating touch event, and taking screenshot in a responsive mode.

3. Eyedropper Tool:

Another amazement of Firefox developer Edition is eye-dropper tools. You may be acquainted with the Eye-dropper tools in the photoshop. Yes, that task you will do in the Firefox Developer Edition. By using this tool, you can bring out the hexadecimal value of Colour. This allows you to know about the colour of any place or image of the Dynamic Web page. If you check the color of any place, it will be copied to your clipboard. As a result, you can use it a lot more.

4. Browser Inspector:

All of us are working with the element inspector and all of us know about it. But, what is Browser inspector? It is a new word to the most of the people. The browser inspector in the Firefox is mainly used for browser debugging. Is it very funny? By using it, you can change so many things. If you want change the colour of the URL or if you want to do other modification, then you can do it by using Browser Inspector. But, these can be done by the scratch pad, for them it is a very easy and funny thing. You can easily mode the browser.

5. 3D View:

It is the funniest thing of the Firefox Developer Edition. Through it, you can watch the 3D view of any website. It helps you a lot to understand many things with eyesight. By this you can easily understand that which Element is nested inside which Element. For starting the 3D mode, in the Firefox Developer Edition, just press the Ctrl+ Shift+ C and then press an icon just like a box which is on the right side of the newly opened panel.

6. Scratchpad:

Scratchpad is funny thing of the Firefox Developer Edition and it is almost a useful tool. You can open it by pressing the button Shift+F4 simultaneously. Through it you can edit the code of the JAVA Script, run debug and also watch the result. Of course you can say that the browser console and do the same. But no, you can work with a single line code in the browser console, and you can work with the huge amount of codes with a scratchpad. It also depends on how would you take the output?

7. Style Editor:

Style editor is an awesome tool of writing style alphabets and for live testing. You can select any loaded style sheet or you can make the style sheet by yourself. You can save it any modified file very easily.

8. Network:

Network is great tool for knowing about what kind of request the users are doing and also know the information how it takes time to load. It will also give you about the resource and the status code. You can also find out how it takes time to load and what time a file is taking.

My Final Words:

Firefox Developer Edition lets you open a new and huge way of web development. Through it, you can edit the web code, debug, create, performance monitoring, browser debugging and extend development tools. I here, I try to show the attractive features of the Firefox Developer Edition. Hopefully, it makes your expression more impressive.

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