Download WA Tweaks Apk latest Version Free 2024: Whatsapp is one of the most popular social apps all over the globe and must value app on the play store. There are so many secrets and hiding features in Whatsapp. Do you want to Modify Whatsapp and enable hiding features? Are you searching for Download WA Tweaks Apk 4.5.9 latest Version Free in 2024? We must say you are at the right post. Today in this post I will the best app so that you can do it by yourself. One of the best apps is WA Tweaks Apk. The “WA tweaks Apk “mainly modify the Whatsapp hiding features and makes it into excellent features. So, if you don’t know how to do that or where to start just follow the complete post from the beginning to the end.

Download WA Tweaks Apk latest Version Free in 2024

Download WA Tweaks Apk 4.5.9 latest Version Free in 2023What is WA Tweak?

WA Tweak is an Android Apk, that allows you to customize only official Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp. The main aim of this app is to tweak Whatsapp App and make more features.

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Features of WA Tweaks 2024:-

  1. Enable editor.
  2. Enable mentions.
  3. Enable multicast.
  4. Enable Gif search.
  5. Enable video calls.
  6. Enable new home UI.
  7. Enable two-factor auth.
  8. Enable Group link invite.
  9. Enable new contacts selector.
  10. Added New group Admin tool.
  11. Enable your contact will not receive blue tick.
  12. Fixed a crash with the emoji pack for Xposed
  13. Enable GIFS you quickly send gif to your friends.
  14. Added iOS 10 emoji pack for x-posed customization.
  15. You will be able to hide your online status on Whatsapp.
  16. You will able to send unlimited media from Whatsapp gallery.
  17. You can set here an excellent status for your Whatsapp profile.
  18. You will able to bypass the expire the expiration date of Whatsapp.
  19. You are also backup messages decrypted DB and backup WhatsApp setting.
  20. Added an x-posed tweak to permanently enable the group’s admin tools.
  21. Enable internal video player.This video player only receives WhatsApp video.
  22. Enable a notification with the expiration date of the current version of WhatsApp will be shown.
  23. Easily Enable the show push name that means if enabled wills how to show a Toast whenever you receive a message with the “push Name” of the person who sends it. Much more.

Some Information About WA Tweaks Apk 2024.

If the activation does not occur even after several tests, try The Following steps:

  • Turn on the airplane mode.
  • Force close Whatsapp.
  • Open WA Tweaks and enable the hidden features.
  • Open Whatsapp.
  • Turn off the airplane mode.
  • Primary need for run this app
  • A rooted Smartphone is required for the full function of this app.
  • Must be installed x-posed Framework.
  • It is very necessary to customize all tweaks.

Basic Recruitments to Run this APK

  1. A rooted Smartphone is required for the full function of this app.
  2. Must be installed X-posed Framework.
  3. It is very necessary to customize all tweaks.

Download WA Tweaks Apk latest Version Free 2024

Download Wa Tweaks Apk

Update Features of WA Tweaks 2024

  1. Send all file types.
  2. Permission WA Tweaks
  3. WA Tweaks App Permission
  4. Group description added.
  5. Show app language setting.
  6. Fixed on click-to-chat option.
  7. Fixed always online tweak.
  8. Added new Spanish translation.
  9. Fixed the crash in the KitKat device.
  10. New UI for the information section.
  11. Fixed’Enable emoji Search’ tweak.
  12. Increase the group subject limit.
  13. Added new WhatsApp hidden features.
  14. Disable the new app analysis service.
  15. Added new WhatsApp hidden features
  16. Fixed the customized colors features
  17. Added message count to the chat Manager.
  18. Xposed tweaks section with dark mode enabled.
  19. Xposed tweak to permanently enable the storge Usage.
  20. Added tweaks to permanently enable the new VoIP Ul
  21. Xposed tweak to customize the text status background color.
  22. Xposed tweak to enable the text status permanently.
  23. Added an option to show the push name as the app title.
  24. Added Android O emoji pack for Xposed customization.
  25. Re-added the tweak always to show the video to gif toggle.
  26. Xposed tweak to bypass permanently the group participants limit.
  27. New features added that is Xposed tweak to customize the text status in high quality.
  28. Added an Xposed tweak to hide the “typing” and “recording audio” message.
  29. Compatible with WhatsApp 2.17.114+ and the stable version. Minor Bug Fix.

How to install Wa Tweaks For Android Phone

Step 1. First of all, Enable the unknown source to warring, To do this go to Security and from the unknown source.

Download WA Tweaks Apk 4.5.9 Latest Version Free in 2018

Step 2. Now install the WA Tweak app.

Step 3. After Installing Open it. A new POP-UP window comes with Grant root permission.

Download WA Tweaks Apk 4.5.9 Latest Version Free in 2018

Step 4. Now enable all the features. just right on all the options and click Enable.

How to Work X-posed Tweaks:-

1. Must need a rooted Android phone.

2. Download the x-posted framework installer from Here.

3. After Installing, open and grant root permission

4. Tap on Framework option a new window open to see the below image.

Download WA Tweaks Apk 4.5.9 Latest Version Free in 2018

5. Then Hit on install update and reboot your phone.

6. Now, your phone is enabled framework.

Video Guide For Used WA Tweaks:-


I hope you like this post and the simple way to download and WA Tweaks Apk and Update version for Android. Just Follow all the above step and customize your WhatsApp. Feel free to drop your comments below in the comments section if you still have any issues. Share this post and do not forget to subscribe our site.

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