Hello, Everyone. Today in this post I am going to share some Best Free Mobile Gaming Apps. So, If you are a game lover and searching for the best free mobile games for your smartphone then this post is for you. Smartphones have come a long way in terms of their design, storage, performance and good battery life. As a result, there has been an ever-increasing trend of people of all ages owning mobile devices; and has continued to shoot up year on year. According to studies researched, 62.9% of the world population owns a mobile phone, and this is expected to rise to 67% by 2019; which is more than 5 billion people!

The Best Free Mobile Gaming Apps that Everyone Should Know

The Best Free Mobile Gaming Apps that Everyone Should Know

It is also said that Up to 50% of the total number of people using a mobile device. Therefore, it is no surprise to see not just the huge number of mobile apps on offer, but the truly immense range of apps that covers near enough every conceivable desire or task.

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One of the most popular types of mobile apps is gaming, with the ‘most downloaded’ charts often filled with games, but this isn’t as amazing a feat as it seems since there are literally 1000ds to choose from. Therefore, in an effort to make your searching time shorter, we have taken the liberty of suggesting some of the best, intriguing and popular mobile gaming apps that everyone should experience.

1. Zombie Gunship Revenant AR:

The Best Free Mobile Gaming Apps

This is an Expanded Reality game, where the player is a gunship helicopter pilot who is tasked with stopping, you guessed it, hundreds of vulgar zombies. The game itself is basically a classic shoot’em up, where you find yourself sky shooting a never-ending supply of walking dead. So, go for it.

2. Sushi Slots:

The Best Free Mobile Gaming Apps

This is one of the most popular mobile casino games, which was created by the award-winning mobile casino operator, mFortune. It is a 15 win line slots game with exciting features, great bonuses and serious cash to be won. Players would be well advised to look out for the jackpot symbols, and anyone lucky enough to see five of these in a row will be celebrating when they collect a massive progressive jackpot.

3. Sonic Forces: Speed Battle:

The Best Free Mobile Gaming Apps

This game is the latest installment of the guys at Sega. As one would expect, it is an endless runner game, with graphics which truly mark. Players will have the opportunity to challenge other players from all over the world, and see their progress on the leaderboards. Not only are you able to choose from 15 characters which include popular favorites like Knuckles, Metal Sonic and Classic Sonic, but the themes and feel stay true to the original Sonic game.

CRS Racing 2:

The Best Free Mobile Gaming Apps
The Best Free Mobile Gaming Apps that Everyone Should Know

This game is all about drag racing with state of the art graphics and an awesome design of cars to enjoy. Players will be able to fully customise their favorite cars, which include Ferraris and McLarens; and compete with other drivers from anywhere in the world; even taking the time to create their own crew with friends and compete in global crew events. It is a must-have for cars enthusiasts.

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