Play PUBG Mobile Without Lag in Android

Reduce PUBG Mobile Lagging Issue: Hello Everyone, Are you searching for How to Play PUBG Mobile Without Lag in Android? or Ways to Play PUBG For Mobile on PC without Hang? Then we must say you are in the right place. Today in this Guide we will show you the easiest Methods to Play PUBG mobile without Lagging. Everyone knows, right now Pubg is one of the most popular trending Android Games. This Crazy game managed to set its place at the top position in Google Play store. But The problems is there are many users are facing problem while playing PUBG Game. So in this guide, we will show you the best and working methods to reduce Lag and Play PUBG on Android Easily. So, If you dont know how to do that and where to start, all you need to do is just read this complete post from the beginning to the end.

PUBG mobile is Unquestionably one of the most popular Android games among Android users right now. As there are 10 Million daily active users and because of that huge active user base, it is not surprising to face lag while playing the game. So sometimes Android users face PUBG Lagging issue in Android Mobile. So in this guide, we will show you the easiest way to Play Pubg mobile without lag in Android Phone.

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Steps to Play PUBG Mobile on PC without Lag or Hang

Are you one of them who play Pubg mobile on PC? Are you facing same lagging issue while playing PUBG on your Windows Computer? Then Here are some steps which you can follow to reduce hang Issue in PC while Playing Pubg Mobile. So if you are also facing lagging issue on Pubg Mobile, then here are the solution to Play Pubg mobile on Pc without lag. All you need to do is just Follow the given below steps. But before going to the main steps please read some points and pre-requirements carefully which is given below:

Pre-Recruitments before Playing Pubg Mobile in PC without Lag

NOTE: This guide is only for PUBG mobile users who play PUBG mobile on Windows Computer or PC.

  • You PC Should Be Connected With Good Internet Connection.
  • Minimum Requirements to Run PUBG Mobile on your PC
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of PUBG mobile.

Play PUBG Mobile on PC without Hang or Lagless Pubg

Step 1. First of all Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC at the same time and close all the unnecessary software from a background of your windows PC.

Doing this you will free up some space on your computer which will help you to run PUBG without lag in Pc. Here are the 5 Easy Steps to Make Slow Windows Computer Super Fast

Step 2. Now Go to Network settings and Refresh the network by clicking on Disconnect.

Step 3. If you did not reboot wifi router for a long time and Ping increases and being an online game, then you need good ping to run without Lag.

Step 4. So to solve the Pubg Lag issue in PC just disconnect your Wifi Router from the Power supply minimum 5 minutes.

After doing all the above steps you will be able to Play Pubg mobile without Lag on PC

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The Solution of Pubg Mobile Lag Issue in Android

So before you going to get the solution of Play pubg Mobile without lag in android, you need to follow some points and pre-requirements very carefully.

Pre-Requirements before you Fix PUBG Mobile Lagging Issue in Android

  • Make sure you have Installed latest Version of PUBG mobile on your Android device
  • Make sure your Android Device has Enough internal Memory
  • Make sure You have strong internet connection on your Android Phone

Methods to Reduce PUBG Mobile Lagging Issue in Android

First of all Open Task Manager and close all the unnecessary apps from your Android device. Doing this will clear ram and give your phone Enough Space to Run PUBG mobile smoothly, You may Also Follow Our guide on Tricks to Increase Ram of Any Android Without Root

We have already told you that If you want to run PUGB on your android device then you need a Good Internet connection because The game runs Server. So, it needs Good internet connection to run Without Lag.

Step 1. So, first of all, Go to Settings Option on your Phone >> Tap on Mobile networks >> and Tap on Airplane mode to turn it on.

This will Refresh Internet connection and you will get fast internet speed. you may also like Tricks: Combine Two Wifi Connections to Get Faster Internet

Step 2. Make sure that Low Power mode is turned off your android device. Because many times turning on Low battery mode to save battery limits Ram usage resulting in Lagging of PUBG Mobile Game.

PUBG has published 16Mb latest update which solves many new bugs like Game lagging and all, So to Fix the lag issue with Latest PUBG update.

Step 3. Go to Settings on your PUBG mobile Game and Tap on Game is lagging and tap on Send. That’s all !!! Your game will run smoothly without lagging.


Enjoy!! So This was the guide to Reduce PUBG Mobile Lagging Issue in Android. Follow the steps to Play PUBG mobile without lag in android. We hope this post helped you to Run Pubg mobile smoothly without lag. In case if you have any quarries or asking then feel free to drop your comments down in the comments section below.

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