Are You Looking For Gods and Gaming: How Ancient Beings Have Inspired Console Titles and More? Then We must say are at the right post. One of the most remarkable aspects of gaming is how it has been able to absorb so many different ideas through the years.

The industry has turned to everything from much-loved sports to war for inspiration, while it has also effectively embraced history on many occasions as well. In addition, ancient cultures and mythology have played a big role in the area, with many titles breathing new life into the gods of years gone by.

Gods and Gaming: How Ancient Beings Have Inspired Console Titles and More

Gods and Gaming: How Ancient Beings Have Inspired Console Titles and MoreFamous themes

Themes and styles from Greek, Roman and other mythologies have popped up in all kinds of games through the years, with a notable old-school example being Gods.

The game was originally released in the 1990s, but Steam features a listing for a remastered version that was launched in 2018. It details how the game created by the Bitmap Brothers calls on players to defeat beings in order to join the Gods. You must take on a whole host of monsters and tackle a range of puzzles if you want to achieve immortality.

Ancient gods have also had an influence on other parts of the gaming world, including online casino sites. This is particularly evident at a site like Casino Gods, which features a strong theme of Greek mythology throughout its design. Animated depictions of deities are used on the homepage, while plenty of the other iconography links to the Greek theme as well. Coincidentally, it offers a range of titles that take their cues from the gods as well, including 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor, Hall of Gods, and Greek Gods. Other options include Mayan Gods and Power of Gods: Egypt.

Breaking out

It is also interesting to note how some games based on gods have had an impact in other areas. For example, Deadline recently revealed that the upcoming title Aztech Forgotten Gods looks set to be transformed into a live-action film

Lienzo Gaming Studio and Impossible Dream Entertainment are working together on the project, which features the premise that the Aztec Empire has become an advanced civilization. Deadline added that beings then emerge and pretend to be ancient Aztec gods.

Of course, it could be said that modern superhero culture reflects our fascination with gods and extraordinary beings. Countless games have been based around this area, but Injustice: Gods Among Us highlighted the issue in its very title. The PlayStation Store listing outlines how the Ultimate Edition of the fighting game features famous names from DC Comics including Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The title was originally released in November 2013.

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Source of fascination

The gaming world is incredibly vast these days, with so many titles being easily accessible across a host of different devices. The industry has been able to draw on all kinds of influences, but ancient mythology seems to have become a particular source of fascination.

It is interesting to reflect on the various ways that gods and mythology have inspired gaming, while few would bet against them continuing to do so in the years ahead.

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